Hello :o)

I cannot get over all the helpful and useful information on this site! Thank you to everyone for contributing to it... hopefully I will be able to before long.

I have a Cambridge planner that I bought back in High School. Every year I buy refills or attempt to make my own (usually failing miserabley). But in the end, I can't live without it! After 10 plus years, it is starting to look a little worn. I haven't really found a new planner at any store that I like enough to invest in.

I am an artist and have a made some books in the past... I might have to try some of the ideas I saw in the gallery.

Thanks for your time. edit:make that 3 by 5 inch or 4 by 6 inch hehe :D((Keep the 3.75 by 6.75 inch templates coming :o) ))

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Welcome Sara, I'm glad you like the site. It's addictive... I'll warn you right now that when you start "redoing" your planner, you could get addicted to that process, and end up like the rest of us, constantly tweaking and improving our setups... switching sizes... getting tempted by lovely office products!


Thank you :o)

:lol: I suppose it could get worse ... but I already do that ... when I have the time and money. Actually, I've been looking through it while sitting here at work and it does need some tweaking :o) Been almost two years since I changed it around really.

And what better place to get inspiration? heheh.

ps. Thank you for the welcome :D