Hi all!
I think I've finally found a new "home"! I have tried soooooo many different planners/organizers/pda systems....too many to actually name. It seems that each of them has lacked "something". I love my palm for the quick references and reminders...but "need" paper! I recently started a new job where I work for 5 different schools and I MUST keep all relevant info "with me"...know what I mean? Anyhow, I've reverted back to a 3 ring binder and I'm hating the bulk of it. But I love the fact that I can change out what I need to when I need to. Long story short...I have my own calendar and five separate calendars/agendas for each school that I must keep track of...I'm investigating the rollabind system for this (to replace my three ring binder). Any insight, tips or hints on this?

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No tips, but..


I don't have any tips, but I will say I just bought my rolla kit from eBay. Hopefully it will be here next week. I bought the small punch and a kit of rings. Should be enough rings to do all the things I'm thinking of doing and leave extra for future. :)

My local Staples has Rolla notebooks in Letter and half-Letter size with either fabric/cardboard or pseudo-leather covers. You might want to take a look at one of those to see if it might be a good starter..


Six calendars, 5 agendas and a thirsty pen to feed... ;)

Hi Bettina, May I say, you have a beautiful name.

Quote - "I have my own calendar and five separate calendars/agendas for each school that I must keep track of"...

Why six calendars and 5 agendas? I have one 'calendar' ( used in the D*I*Y sense) and a reference page for each committee/individual I am forced to show interest in. :P , all rammed into an old personal size Filofax My 'database' is a collection of loose leaf paper stored in manilla folders and transported in a rather large briefcase. However, like Sarah, I am considering the switch to Classic/A5 organiser combined with a smaller satellite. I particularly like her Pocketster. Having typed that, I am also looking at the Levenger Pocket Briefcase.

Alternatively you may like inno's idea of different colour pens for different schools.

As I´m a newbee here... (My 1st post on this board)

... there are surely better references than me ;-)

Perhaps a sort of matrix would help you with your problem.

Anyway I find your name beautiful, too...

Greetings from Berlin


Another Warm Willkommen...

Hi Erol, Welcome to D*I*Y :)