Alas... I have decided on a system... ?

I used to consult my planner daily... couldn't live without it. Then it slipped into the background when I became unemployed in '04. Gradually I realized I needed to keep track of bills and due dates at the very least... and knowing the date is helpful some days :) . I haven't really changed much in it despite having the desire to. It has too many unused sections and pages to name.

This site has inspired me beyond words! I need a change, BAD!

I think I can simplify it down to Calendar (monthly and weekly), Contacts, & Notes. I have an old nasty velcro binder I can use for storage. Then the planner can be current and USEFUL. Then maybe have an 5.5" by 8.5" binder for major information (like medical claim records, etc.)

Now I'm trying to decide, and maybe you can help me, should I keep the 3.75" by 6.75" planner going simply because I have always used it...? -- or -- should I get brave and make an "HPDA" in the 3" by 5" convenient size?

Any insight that you have to offer in this decision would be GREATLY appreciated :o)

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Decisions, Decisions...

Hi Sara, Let us see if we can work through this dilemma together...

Quote - "I have an old nasty velcro binder"...

Place a 'Want To Buy (WTB) a nicer one' in the Bazaar :)

Quote - "Should I keep the 3.75" by 6.75" planner going simply because I have always used it...?"

No, you should keep it while you experiment with other formats. Only then will you be able make an informed decision.

Quote - "Should I get brave and make an "HPDA" in the 3" by 5" convenient size?"

Is 3" x 5" convenient for you? If yes, be bold and do it. If not, try another size.

Tis done in the twinkle of an eye! :D

as we speak, or as I type :o)

I'm working on some 3 by 5 cards right now. I printed off some of the different cover ideas and envelopes... just to give them a go. I can't believe how tiny the 3 by 5 cards are... but if I'm honest, and I go back to last years weekly pages I had all stuffed in my planner, I didn't use very much space on them.

My printer does not print on 3 by 5 inch paper tho. The smallest it will take is 3.5 by 5...

I think I might have found a use for all those half used journals I have stored away. I love the paper in them and can't bring myself to journal out of sequence, so... I'll keep you posted on this adventure :o)

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Really, it comes down to this

What size are you willing to carry around with you? Because if it's too big, you won't take it with you. It was easy when you carried a briefcase, you could have any size. But since you apparently don't, now, what are you going to carry? If you don't have it with you, phone numbers will be on little post-it notes and you'll lose them. Etc., etc. So, for me at least, it's all about what fits in your purse! You'll make the rest work for you.

trial hPDA

I took my little test hPDA with me today and I have to admit... it was marvelous! I could take it with me in my purse and not feel like I had a kitchen sink in my bag :D

I bought some supplies today and I started working on my REAL hPDA... I cannot wait to finish and share the results!

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finished hPDA

I finally feel that my hPDA is finished... I'm still working on the guts a bit but the cover and inside pockets have stay in place long enough for me to announce victory.

Pics have been submitted to the gallery... just waiting for the post's approval.

Thank you to everyone for such great ideas, input and inspiration!

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The Picture Vanishes...

Sara, I am looking at your submission now and the picture is missing. Although I can see a blank space. Will you check the title and resubmit please.

Thank you. :)

awww :(

Do I have to resubmit the image and full description or just the image?

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I hope...

I resubmitted the image. I hope that works. Sorry about that.

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As if by magic...

...your hPDA appears. :)

Thank you for resubmitting your picture Sara. There is no need to be sorry, at least we have yours. I still have to scan my photographs... :(