What Ho!

I ran across this 'site' searching for interesting links concerning fountain pens and their use, suitable stationary et al.

I'd like to add some thoughts to the discussion on this:


page but seem unable to gain entry, I'd greatly appreciate any help you could offer.

I'm a 53 year old Brit. retired & living in the beautiful Texas hill country with my charming Texan wife & the kid, George (12) who suffers from 'fg' syndrome.........don't worry no-one else has heard of it either.

Writers who use fountain pens are welcome to contact me at:


just for fun,


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Hi and welcome

Welcome to the site, Gadsby. Are you able to *read* this thread, but you cannot post any replies? What happens when you try?

Anyway, welcome and have fun!

Thanks shb,

Thanks shb,
I can read & post here just fine but I'm having a problem trying to add a reply to the thread you indicated. The 'create content' link (above right) allows me to write my message but I don't know what to do with it after that ...........I'm so old.

Oh, & Happy Hogmanay btw !


Hmmm. You should be able to click on "reply" that shows up at the bottom of each post in the thread and add your comments that way. Or maybe you've tried that already?

Happy 2007!


Hmmm Indeed...

I consulted Jeeves and it would seem the British must log in then 'refresh one's page' before posting. (Ctrl + R on Firefox 2 apparently). Not the foggiest if this applies to non-British subject though. :S

Oh well done Sardonios old

Oh well done Sardonios old thing! many thanks for the assistance. I am using Firefox as my whatsit, maybe that is part of the prob.