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Reminds me of Behance

Or at least the colors do. I think they're trying to make this into more of a turn-key system to appeal to a different customer base.

But really, "Apps"? That's a bit of a stretch.


Levenger is losing their luster... my opinion. Between their obsession with iPads and their Circa desperation, I'm not as interested in them as I used to be.

I agree

I love technology but don't have an iPad. My circa needs are pretty much fulfilled by Arc and DIYing. So I don't go crazy over their catalog any more. It has been sitting on my coffee table for a week and I've barely touched. it.

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I simply can't afford

I simply can't afford anything right PLUS I have so many things I need to use already. My days of exploring possibilities have likely come to an end. My next planner is likely to be a DIY using one of the thousand blank journals I've accumulated out of weakness. :)

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Used to be impressed by Levenger innovative products.

Their catalogues used to be a wonder for writers and readers, full of small and fun little tools to help with reading and note taking.

I visited their retail store in Florida, the customer service was less than stellar.
I spent my customary couple of hours browsing the store; I do this in every stationery, art, pen store, which usually results in a substantial purchase.
But not at that store.

There were a couple of salespersons helping customers which came two or three at a time.
At one point, I was the lone customer.
The salespeople choose to snicker under their breath instead of promoting their products.

At the time, I lived in the SF Bay Area and was a regular customer at privately owned stationery, art, pen and book stores where customer help and guidance was always available.

At those stores, discounted items were still nicely displayed, I bought a number of them as well as full price items.
At Levenger, the discounted area was full of things tossed about in baskets. If the items hadn't been previously damaged by shipping or dissatisfied owners mishandling, the dollar store style display surely would have done the job.

It gave me the feeling that Levenger didn't care about their products, and marked them up just for the sake of catering to an "elite" clientèle.

Recent years catalogues have sprung a Circa and leather craze, which I never bought into.

The latest catalogue has a Dome Magnifier for almost $40, I have one too, it cost half that much!
They have labelled colorful binder clips, 14 for $9.
At that price, I can buy two cans of different size binder clips in many colors, a pack of those tiny clear labels which I can print or write over with a box of permanent markers. As a bonus, the clear labels can be removed, if I change the meaning of each color code.

I have always been interested in their True Writer but, why is it that they do not include the length and width?

They are a U.S small business and worth supporting if one has an ample budget and a love of Circa or/and leather accessories.


I still drool a little over some of their products, but truth be told, it's pretty easy to find something comparable to most of their products elsewhere and for considerably less money. It does seem to be a bit of a trap for the pretentious. (I say this without malice because I'd totally be trapped if I had the money.)

All I know is that all of their circa pages are easily duplicated and adjusted to fit individual needs. And I have no idea who can painlessly buy only 300 pages of paper for $40. Especially when Staples has their Arc line now. Even their refills are more than I'm willing to spend. Although I love how affordable their discs are.

And $140 for a leather cover? Please.

Believe it or not,

I actually worked for someone who ordered the Circa paper because he couldn't be bothered to punch his own, or to print anything. His supplies budget was, shall we say, rather large.

However, I'm not complaining and barely rolling my eyes -- he was very generous with people who appreciated Circa and I was a favorite because I used Circa during my first interview with him.

The office supply cabinet was filled with Levenger supplies. Ah, to have a CEO's budget...and I miss that perk...(but not the job).

I'm a "CEO"

I'm also the single employee. However, I'm still waiting for the huge salary and bonuses! I do insist cool office supplies though.

On Levenger

Some years ago, I used to buy quite a bit from them, but it was always when things were on sale. Bought them when the price was reasonable. I don't buy their refills, but I did buy a punch and DIY my own pages thanks to :-)

I've discovered their Levenger Outlet on eBay and have bought some nice stuff for sometimes bargain prices. Even some stuff with somebody else's monogram on them. I don't care. Just cover it up with something and use it. :-) Their stuff is still high quality, and better than anything I bought from from Franklin-Covey or DayTimer. Even got my wife some of their handbags and she loves them.

IMHO, if you like their stuff and are willing to be patient and opportunistic, you can get some great stuff from them very affordably. Don't need a CEO's budget or an attitude for that. :-)

BTW, I have found their online customer service to be very good. No complaints. Have never been in one of their retail stores. The closest one is about 4,250 miles away. :-)
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