I would find it really nice to have an RSS feed of "Reent Posts" for this site... I wonder how much jiggery-pokery that would take?

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The site has an RSS feed. I would hope it not too difficult to tie the "Recent Posts" page into it, but then I am not too expierenced in such web page black magic.
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Lots of feeds

There are lots of ways to get content from this site via RSS. See the feeds page for some examples.

If none of the current feeds do what you want, please give me some more information and I'll see if I can whip something up.


Feed me!

I really want a feed of this:, or a list of the most recent posts or replies or comments...

OK, I see what you're after.

Gotcha. I'll take a look. There are feeds for each forum, but not for everything. I'll see what I can cook up.


Yep, me wants everything. Me hungry. Feed me!

I See No Feeds...

The orange opera singing football icon has disappeared from all but the front page. Can anyone else see it?

BTW, I am using Firefox on a Windows box and therefore probably deserve to be punished... :D

The singing football returns

The block for newsfeeds should now be appearing on all pages.

Let's see what havoc that leads to. ;-)

all my best,

No joy

Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I still don't find anything resembling a feed of most recent posts. Something like the "Recent comments" that shows up on the right hand side of this web page would be nice... so I can get my daily DIY on the go...

im probably wrong

In my right column I have:
create content
my account
recent posts
log out

I spend my day refreshing "recent posts" ... i mean... working hard.

**I'm guessing this isn't what you are looking for but... I'll post anyways :o)

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"Recent posts"

Yeah, I hang out on Recent Posts. I just want an RSS feed of it!!

lol i knew i was wrong

I admit it... yay for new year's resolutions in practice!

Sorry Sarah ☺

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"recent Comments"

do you guys have the "recent comments" area on the right hand side? That is what i look at all day... It just lists the most recent comments so that you do not have to read the whole post, just the most recent one... You can ignore me as I do not even know what RSS is... LOL :)
nay nay

yup and me either

And I have the Recent Comments box... and it shows that I have been a chatty-cathy today >.< oy!

I think I have slight understanding of RSS ... that it sends notices to your email account... like those news feed thingies...

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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is sometimes called a web feed. It doesn't send you email, but you can use an RSS reader, or news aggregator, to gather all your news feeds in one place. I use my Google home page, on which I have feeds for MSNBC, DIY (new stories), UrbanScootin, my local newspapers, local weather, cool science journals, and loads of more or less boring technical news sources I need to keep up with.

Generally your RSS reader will gather headlines along with a sentence or two of the article, and then if you want to read more you can select the article and load it or browse to it.

For those of you not yet bored out of your skulls by this post, here are some of the benefits of using RSS feeds (copied shamelessly from the Wikipedia link above):

Compared to websites, web feeds have a few advantages for the user experience:

  • Users can be notified of new content without having to actively check for it.
  • The information presented to users in an aggregator is typically much simpler than most websites. This spares users the mental effort of navigating complex web pages, each with its own layout.
  • Media files can be automatically downloaded without user intervention.

Web feeds also have some advantages compared to receiving frequently published content via email:

  • When subscribing to a feed, the user does not disclose their email address, so the user is not increasing their exposure to threats associated with email: spam, viruses, phishing, and identity theft.
  • If the user wants to stop receiving news, they do not have to send an 'unsubscribe' request; the user can simply remove the feed from their aggregator.