Your local print shop~!

I work at a small family owned print shop. If you are looking for someone to help take some of the "do it yourself" out of D I Y ... give you local print shops a call!

On site we have various papers of different finishes, weights and colors... we have the ability to spiral, comb or post bind... we have a drill press set up for hole punching large stacks of paper... we have various clear plastic covers on site... we have a huge machine for cutting stacks of paper... we can print in color or bw very quickly in comparison to home printers... and as long as something is NOT copyrighted, we can print it out.

I have software specifically designed for layouts involving multiple copies ... including features to aid in duplexing. It was very fascinating to learn everything about the printing business... I had more experience from college in the graphics end of things... but now I've been there for over a year and I am the color department!

If I weren't so poor, I would have myself do a nice job and get tons of stuff printed. (After designing all my colorful and exquisite templates of course). Oh how I wish I had the Adobe Creative Suite 2 at home!!!

I just thought I would let you know what we offer at our shop and maybe give you some info you weren't aware of :o)

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Print Shop

Oh Sara! Working at a family print shop sounds like soooo much fun! I guess it would be pretty tempting though to make a million different types of planners! :)
Thanks for this tip Sara,
nay nay

Need volunteers ?

When I was in college, I used to do volunteer work for a guy that ran an art supply/graphic arts/frame shop. He'd direct the occasional free-lance job to me and in return, I could use the frame shop at no cost other than materials.

I could "do" a Saturday or three at the print shop in exchange for a bit of time to "do my thing".
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I'm tempted to start a form here at work in CS2 **BUT** I don't have the money to pay for my own design services or for the printing... not now at least...

I'm almost positive my boss would cut me a great deal on the printing and probably not even mention the design time but I'd hate to take advantage of my situation. I'll wait until my hPDA is in full working order and then plan my attack on the print shop ;o)

For now I just I'll just use my Epson at home and hope for the best... The nice thing is I got a HUGE stack of paper scraps (a touch over 3 inches by 30 inches long) before they got thrown into recycling. YAY!!! I'm eyeing some orchid colored card stock that got cut to an odd size before I started... it is just taking up space... heheh.

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