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PagePackerThanks to all the folks who emailed me about today's big D*I*Y Planner spotting: the uber-cool PocketMod-style Mac application called PagePacker, programmed by one of my personal OS X programming heroes, Aaron Hillegass. In case you haven't noticed the buzz on or, this is a sweet little layout program that allows you to drag and drop any of the Hipster PDA Edition (index card) templates into an eight-section grid, then print it out onto any letter-size sheet of paper to create a little folding book. It essentially creates a little portable, disposable planner. Bonus points are awarded for allowing other graphics to be dropped in as well.

A hearty welcome is extended to all the folks coming over from Big Nerd Ranch, LifeHacker, and all the other sites mentioning today. While you're here, please take a moment to look at our other free offerings, including the full Hipster PDA Edition (for printing onto index cards), the Classic/A5 Edition (for 5.5x8.5 or A5 sheets), and the many other templates created by our community, found in the Templates Directory.

By the way, don't forget that all our official templates (and many of the unofficial ones) will always be free for downloading and printing, as long as it's not mass-produced for commercial use. (See the licenses on the pages for more information.)

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Every once in a while something like this comes along that makes me want a Mac. Then I get over it :-) This looks fantastic, if unusable for me anyway.

It would be great if someday an industrious PC programmer could make a progrma like this for Windows. Unfortunately, I'm not that guy.

I think there was an add-on to PocketMod that let you import your own images, but you had to have Flash to use it. I don't.

Enjoy it, those who can!

Are things too squished for you?

I must admit, PagePacker is a pretty nifty app. And simple. But I find the DIYPlanner hPDA pack (which ships with PagePacker) to be just a bit too small to write on when it's condensed onto a PagePacker page.

Anyone else think so, or is it just me? I've been thinking that we could do a subset of the D*I*Y Planner that was sized a bit more naturally for the 1/8th-letter size that PagePacker uses. Would there be any interest in doing a PagePacker-sized pack of templates?


Depends on how tiny you can read/write. I have used PocketMod's in the past without problem. This is exactly like PocketMod.
Now, being only 8 pages long, they tend to be very specialized.
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