D*I*Y Planner's First Great Template Contest

We're going to try something new here at the homestead. We have quite a burgeoning number of template designers among us, and so many have demonstrated a creativity that goes far beyond the simple "to do list on steroids". We like that. We want to encourage that. And so, I'm happy to announce our first template design contest.

We've procured a great little set of products from fan-fave Levenger that almost any self-respecting productivity junkie would love.

Levenger Card Wallet Writer

Levenger Walletini Pen

First up is a black Levenger Card Wallet Writer. It's like a small leather business card wallet that sports a thin outside pocket, a spacious one inside for a stack, and (this is neat) a card holder to keep cards ready for writing. It's like an ultra-small version of their index card briefcase.

Of course, you'll need a pen to go along with the small size, and so accompanying it will be a shiny new Walletini Pen. We're also including a small stack of fancy cards to get you started: they have lines on one side, and a grid on the other. The prize package goes for a retail cost of $76 USD.

The prize goes to the best template submitted from February 15th to March 15th. Read on for the rules.

  1. The basic criteria is simple: we want a nice template, or set of templates. The more useful and/or creative, the better.
  2. Contest closes on March 15th. Any template not submitted by or on that date will be ineligible, as will any template submitted before February 15th.
  3. This is for new templates only, not modifications to existing ones. For example, you cannot tweak your existing entry and resubmit, nor can you make modifications of someone else's templates. The sole exception would be templates created with elements from the official D*I*Y Planner Widget Kit, as these same tools are available to anyone who's interested. No preference, however, will be given to anyone using that kit.
  4. Depending on the volume of entrants, the D*I*Y Planner "core" team will make an initial short-list of designs. Once the selections have been made, we will open a poll for voting, and you folks will make the final selection.
  5. Obviously, no member of the core team will be eligible for the prize. This includes myself, Innowen, eric, Sardonius, Steve, and Sara.

Good luck, folks, and happy designing!

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Let the games...

BEGIN! Sounds like a fun time - thanks for the opportunity to win prizes from our favorite company LEVENGER>>>>> YUUUUUMMMMMM !
ciao, nay nay

I'm pullin' for ya....

nay nay. The only templates I will be designing would be with a box of crayola crayons, so I won't be entering. Go nay nay Go!


great idea

What a great idea ~! Best of luck to everyone... :P

edit: I have such Levenger Envy~!!! I just stared at that picture for like a whole minute without blinking... heheh.
my artwork

Lev Envy

You know, we are all kind of pathetic when it comes to the possibility of FREE office supplies, especially when they come from Levenger! :) I giggled at your Lev Envy comment Sara - I did the same exact thing!!


I look at my Levenger catalog before bed some nights... Like a little kid with that toy catalog before Christmas morning... Levenger is my RedRiderBBGun... <3 Every kid needs it~!

Free office supplies are a gift from the heavens... too bad they didn't just appear in my mailbox. ;P
my artwork

You Need a Catalog

I would have stared at it too except I had already done so at home...in the Levenger catalog. Oogling at their products is something I do on a regular basis.


Ogling Levenger....

No, y'all have lots of company in that department.

My husband's hobby is music, so at night, he looks at his music catalogs and I look at my Levenger catalog. >sigh< At least we both have sweet dreams! :)


Levenger Support Group

Since we're all spending our evening hours with our Levenger catalogs, we should hold an on-line support group meeting. Hi, I'm Bob...and I'm....and I'm....(c'mon Bob, say it!)...I'm a Levenger Addict.



I'm scared to imagine how bad I'll be once I take the dive into the Levenger pool and buy my first piece... ((did taxes today... may be sooner than I thought... muwahhahahhah yay for getting money back))
my artwork

So many products...

...so little time (or money, actually). Where will you start Sara? Circa starter kit? Circa punch? Fancy pen? Inquiring minds want to know....


I want:

Will get when visiting Boston in April:
•Circa Leather foldvover, junior size, black
•Circa plastic tab dividers soft colour, junior size
•Circa page finder, junior size
•Circa starter kit, junior size
•Circa desk punch
•3x5 card sampler
•3x5 soft colour file folders

Will desire at said time:
•Card Bleachers

Card bleachers

The first time I read the phrase "card bleachers," I thought it had something to do with chlorox-type products! I've used index cards for years and have seen a card holder thingee but didn't know the technical name for it. I was roflol when I figured out what they were talking about!

Polishing of entries


One case isn't clear:

I am posting new template on 20th of February. But I spot few errors, make some improvements, etc. and post them on 10th of March. Which entry will be in competition?


As long as the template is submitted for the first time between the 15th of February and the 15th of March, it will be eligible. We'll take all such entries on the 16th of March and judge them then.

all my best,

Contest Question

Hi Doug,

The contest is a great idea! The imagination is already revving...

Quick question -- where should we post them and/or announce them when we have some to enter? Or do we submit them directly to you?

If not, could I suggest creating a new category in the User Templates section specifically for contest entries? It might be a handy way to corral them in one place...

Paul, aka Rollafool

Contest submissions

Hi, Rollafool. For now, just post your template as usual. We'll round up all the templates with creation dates between February 15 and March 15 and they will be eligible. (Hmm. eric, we *can* do this, right? ;-) )

all my best,


I missed it!!! Hope you do more things like this. =]
This is the template I'm working on:


these look wonderful!

Your pages and artwork look wonderful. Have you considered for an art project putting them in a well worn leather planner?


Thank you! I haven't really

Thank you!
I haven't really decided what to do with them yet, that's a cool idea though.


So, when do we get to hear who the winner is? I am anxious to see who you have chosen! :)
nay nay

How do we review the submitted templates?

Beyond clicking through all the pages of the templates is there a way to view the contest submissions?

This looks like a job for our Lady of the Links !!

Sara !!
Your services are needed here, please !!

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

i believe

I think there is a plan in the works... where the nominations will be separated from the bulk of templates... stay tuned :o)

my artwork

I believe, I believe...

If you say so, I believe !!

Hallelujah !!! :D

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

the staff is working on picking a winner

Hey guys,

I know we're all excited but just wanted to let you know that Doug and the gang (us) are working towards picking the winner. We've been a bit busy In our other lives and haven't forgotten you.

I think that eric has several site improvements planned and some may be around the template section. I can't be for certain, but yeah... hang in there!