WTB: Levenger Circa Letter size undated monthly divider tabs

Late last year, I switched from a Junior size to Letter size Levenger Circa notebook for my planner (well, Staples Arc + Levenger Circa mashup). I've realized that the two pages per week I had been using is more space than I can use 99% of the time and most months a two pages per month would probably be fine.

It looks like Staples no longer does calendar pages for the Arc (at least not on their web page) and the dated two pages per month calendar is $24. I don't really feel like spending $24 per year on calendar refills. I'd rather get the undated monthly tabs and just print out two pages per month and then I can throw in blank pages if I need more room.

Problem is it doesn't look like Levenger has the monthly dividers any more that don't have the dates on them. I'm talking about just plain white dividers that have the months already printed on them.

Might end up just putting something together myself if I can't seem to find them. This is diyplanner.com after all :-)


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Your request is confusing

Do you want a set of 12 dividers, each printed with a blank calendar grid ?
Do you want month names on the page or just on the tab ?
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Just a blank page with month name on the tab

Just a blank page with month name on the tab. Then I'd use the Diyplanner app to print out 2 page a month calendar with todo list on the front, notes on the back.


How about this

How about this ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***


That should pretty much do it. I hope I can get it without buying five sets. I do have a label maker and Rollabind punch.


Or how about...

... these or any of the products on the same page

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Check the Back to School aisle of many stores.

Grocery and drug store chains have a back to school aisle in their seasonal area.
They will need to stock up for Halloween/fall items pretty soon, take advantage of their discounts on blank dividers.

You then, can use your label printer to print the months or even more categories.

The blank yearly/monthly/weekly/daily pages are what D.I.Y is about.

I am sure you can find template(s) that suit you. If you happen to have a printer that loves expensive cartridges, print one template at home and the rest at an office store.

If you love office store stuff as much as we all do, it will be difficult to find the time. :)

You may find the divider

You may find the divider sheet pre-punched for a ring binder but there are lots of month dividers out there from different manufacturers so I expect some would be unpunched. You can also get stick on tabs that you stick on a page and handwrite or label the tab. They come in different colours so you could colour code the quarters or similar. Bob H.

How about a rubber stamp instead?

If understand the idea correctly (a blank page with just the month name on a tab), wouldn't a rubber stamp with just the months of the year be simpler and cheaper? I recently bought one for a somewhat similar purpose, though mine has the complete date, just the month should be easy to find.

I noticed you mention a label maker. It might be overkill, but since you already have it . . . .
I have used my label maker in a similar fashion on my folders before.

Half DIY solution + good customer service at Staples

Staples ended up having better customer service than I have had before and sold me the supplies I needed to DIY when they realized they didn't carry exactly what I was looking for.

All I wanted was 12 divider tabs unpunched that I could Circa-punch and label. The only pack of 12 divider tabs they had were all punched for three ring binders already. The only unpunched ones packs that were much larger than I needed (5 sets of 5 divider tabs - 25 total dividers or twice what I needed) all the way up to 25 sets of 5 for nearly $100!!!

The lady helping me ended up going up to the copy center and selling me 12 pages of white card stock and then a pack of Post-It Durable tabs. It was a 24 pack, but I'm sure I can put the other 12 to good use sometime in the near future.

I already had the label maker, already had the Rollabind punch so I'm into this thing for a total of I think it was $7 and about 30 minutes to make pretty much what I wanted. Now just need to print out the calendar pages for the rest of this year and see if 2 pages per month is enough room for me. I seem to have a lot of blank space in my two pages per week calendar, which is what brought this whole thing on.

I'll post pictures of what I came up with later... I also still have the Junior size version of what I was looking for. I'm using a letter size planner now.