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So it looks like the Staples Arc collection is continuing to grow. They now have quilted patent leather notebooks in pink, teal and black. There is also a neoprene fabric notebook option which reminded me a little of of the Levenger bookcloth line.

Maybe it's just me, but the prices seem to be going up. I guess I can't complain, though, because Arc still makes disc bound notetaking affordable and accessible.

Have a great day, everyone!

- Lucy

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Martha Stewart collection too

Part of the Martha Stewart collection at Staples duplicates to some extent the Arc offering, except in some really odd colors.

I hate sales and marketing people

Went to my local Staples to check out these new covers.
Nothing new was to be found in the usual aisle where the Arc notebooks live or in the Martha aisle where the Martha-Blue and Martha-Black notebooks live.
So, against my better judgement, I ask one of the Clueless Ones In Logo-Enhanced Red Polo Shirts.
I was directed to the far side of the store, in an out of the way aisle, to a square cardboard stand-alone display for the patent leather and neoprene covers ($24 Junior / $30 letter).
Again, knowing I would regret it, I asked why these products were not "over there with the rest of the Arc products".
I was told that these are Seasonal Products and that their placement was mandated by The Marketing/Sales Manager.

Un-fricking-believable !

Anyway, the "new" products are like the rest of the Arc line in that they look better than Rollabind and they are not as pricey as Levenger.

I think the patent leather covers would appear to the girly crowd. They look nicely retro.

The neoprene has a zipper on the front which lets you stuff junk between the plastic cover and the outer fabric. Seems to me it could get ugly and bumpy real quick. It looks nice otherwise. If I buy one, I will ignore the zipper, but that's just my opinion.
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At least the people in your Staples store have heard of

Lucy the Literacy Lady, Literacy Intervention Specialist

"Forced" me to make a Staple's run

The Staples in Ann Arbor actually had the new stuff with all the other ARC items. They must have a different Marketing/Sales Manager. I did get the zipper cover. I think I'll just stick some index cards in that pocket.