leaving the discbound world (for a little while, anyway)

I love disc-bound notebooks. I mean I really love them. And I especially love Arc.

However, it is getting to be inconvenient having a notebook that is so different from the rest of the world. I work with children and adults in private practice and have subjected them to Arc notebooks and flashcards. As we learn a new concept, we add it to that section of the notebooks. My customized flashcards are bound as well. The notebook can stay folded while they write in it and doesn't take up much space. Pages and cards can be moved around. I could go on and on about the benefits of Arc.

I also work in an agency and it has been difficult to have a system that is SO different. I have started using a Mead 5-start notebook - the kind that has those flexible rings.

So now I am thinking of going back to doing my own 3-ring binder hack for letter size, compact size, and memo size.

Any disc-bound users feeling like it is too inconvenient at work (or wherever) to have a system that is so different? I thought I would be ok just taking notes with my Arc but it just isn't working because we exchange papers a lot and do a lot of printing and making binders on particular cases.

I think I will go back to using my book rings :)

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Same situation.

I love my discs, but sometimes I really feel that it's fighting a losing battle. I love them for things at home, but I hate when I'm out and get handouts that are already 3-hole punched. The OCD in me can't stand to see the unused holes when the paper's in a notebook.

I can't imagine giving up my disc-bound recipe book, though, or my disc-bound reference book. Both of those I refer to constantly, and they have things added and shuffled frequently.

It makes me sad to think of giving it up, though.

Sad but true

I experienced the same frustration with using the Circa system. I gave up eventually, but I still can't part with all the supplies.

One shouldn't have to work so hard to make a system fit into one's lifestyle. If it's causing more harm than good, I agree you should use what is compatible with the world around you.

One day the world will smarten up. Until then, Circa disks look lovely in a glass jar. :)

Back when I used Levenger,

Back when I used Levenger, one argument I made (to myself, of course) was that I would be saving money because I would not have to pay for supplies I used at work and I would be able to buy refills & accessories locally. If I go to another method now, I will still be shopping at Staples and be tempted to go back to Arc.

Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can find my old posts with pics I put up of my old notebooks - I think they were Komtrak.

I know there are bigger problems in the world, but I solve them so much better with the right notebook in my hand. Sigh.

Jumping Off the Bandwagon Too

Earlier this year I bought one of those cool Arc notebooks from Staples. I bought the brown "leather" cover, and set up custom tabs. When I showed my great "new tool" to my co-workers, they ooo-ed and ahh-ed politely. I used it for a couple months, filling page after page with notes. I ripped unused pages out of an old Clairefontaine spiral notebook, and punched them with my Levenger pocket punch. Ha! I'll never run out of paper....I thought. But then the notebook started getting really full. Where can I archive the pages? Then I remembered that I had tried this path once before. I still have the old archive books where the pages don't turn very freely. I understand that Levenger came out with a newer punch that makes bigger smurfs, but who can afford that? I shelved the Arc and went back to using a Moleskine that I never quite filled. But that was also insufficient.

About six weeks ago, I bought a quarter pack of FC classic pages to give my old 7 ring binder a test spin again. It felt like coming home after an extended absence. I even said out loud "hello old friend". I immediately set up a few custom tabs, and use the planner daily now. Since I have to do my calendar online at work, I only use the FC calendar for my personal life. I start every morning with my planner. First I check my online calendar for meetings, etc. Then I think through my day, and set pen to paper. The Daily Notes page often gets filled up. Then I simply grab a "cutaway" note page and keep going. The paper quality is good enough to accept fountain pen ink without bleeding thru, so I'm happy that I can use any pen.

I'm seriously considering buying the 2014 refill and storage binder. I have the special 7 hole punch, so ideally I can write on just about any piece of paper. I only hesitate because I've been down this road before too....only to get distracted by another product. Same story, different year.

Love the discs--conceptually

I always thought that the discbound planner/notebook was the way to go, but in practice, I just couldn't make it work the way I wanted. What I wanted was a "do everything" notebook. This book needs to be a planner, work notes, and lists. I bought a leather bound Arc book in the large size. At work, I need it to fold flat for note taking. The leather was a little too thick for that, but no problem, I bought the plastic cover. Problem solved. Until I wanted to use it outside of work. Then the large size is just too big to haul around. So I went to a Moleskine planner but kept my work stuff in the Arc. Now I have two books. I ditched the Arc and began using a Rhodia pad for work notes, but that was too basic. Now I'm heading back to the Arc. Maybe. Unless a better system catches my eye.

It's all relative

I still love my disc-bound systems. But it's easy for me because I only use the notebooks for my own things. It's perfect for writers and academics who take a lot of notes and don't often need to share them. I keep a Compact Circa with me at all times for grocery lists and various notes pertaining to day-to-day things and I also keep a list of my passwords in it. This probably isn't very wise, but I'm not in the habit of leaving such things out in the open for anyone to glimpse. For my reading notes, I use Compact and Index card pages as bookmarks, and when I type out the notes, I put them in a three-ring binder with alpha tabs.

I have notes and scenes for my novels in disc-bound notebooks. For that purpose, they're absolutely fantastic. I have a Circa punch, so anything I find online, parts I've typed, notes from Evernote and scenes from One Note all get punched and placed in the proper notebook. Even better, anything I've scrawled out on a Compact, Classic, or Index Card page fits right in there too.

The choice boils down to what you need it for and how your mind works. For a messy creative type, it doesn't get much better than a disc system.