Time to choose a new planner

Greetings to all. I haven't been on here for quite a while, and now have a burning question. It is that time of year to decide whether to stick with the previous planner or go on to something new. I want something new and have been searching out ideas of how to make my own or buy something different. I want the basic monthly calendar with spaces big enough to write several pieces of information, an address/phone section and a place for notes. I used to have the FC classic but found I left most of the pages blank so I guess I don't need that. I would also like several different sections for my goals. Any ideas? Maybe I should keep a separate 3 ring binder just for the goals. Thanks ahead of time for your advice.

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Im going with the Moleskine

Im going with the Moleskine monthly. Its size, 10 x 7.5 inches, is small enough to fit in my purse, big enough to write in the boxes. There is a blank page after every month that I will use for to-do list. There are 50 blank pages in back, I may try the bullet method in those pages, although it looks too complicated for me. The monthly also comes in smaller sizes.

New Planner for 2014

Just purchased a weekly Moleskine planner. Couldn't find the Monthly style anywhere:-( Will have to create some extra DIY pages to glue or tape in for all the passwords, birthdays and other reference information I usually keep in my planner. Not sure if I will still use the PocketMod booklet, as I will have daily/weekly information now. Just have to try and see.

Ahh, trying out a new planner is such an optimistic way to start the year. All my due dates get reset!!


Goals and planner

I am going with a Circa Master Folio with two notebooks inside. Of course, one can do with One notebook with separators also. One contains all my Goals, Project & Task lists, Important Info etc and the other contains my Monthly, Weekly and Daily Agenda and also Meeting Notes.

If you do not want to make your Planner too bulky, a separate 3 ring binder just for Goals is better I think. However, it is important to take one goal each week and feed it into your daily schedule- at least that works for me. For example, if my Goals, among others (I am notorious for having a huge list of Goals), include
1. Lose weight
2. Write a blog
3. Practise more painting
.. and so on
then in the first week, I may take Lose Weight as my objective and list down in my weekly schedule or daily schedule, actions that I need to take for that Goal e.g.
a) sign up in a gym
b) get trainers and tracks etc
c) go to gym
d) have less carbs
e) have steamed veggies
and try to complete the activities each day of first week to kickstart my Lose Weight goal.

The next week, the Goals that I adopt into my Daily Schedule could be Lose Weight- continued and Practise More Painting and now, the activities that I need to do for each day of the week could be

Lose Weight - go to the gym everyday(MTWTFSS); have steamed veggies on Mon, Wed, Fri
Practise More Painting- buy all equipment and materials (Tue); set up a nook in the house as studio (Thurs); obtain reference photos/ models/ subjects (Sat); practise painting (Sat & Sun)

What works for me is not to take on more than 2 goals during one week, even if that means that during the third week, in the above example, I skip Practise More Painting, and do only Lose Weight and Write a Blog and in the fourth week, I repeat Lose Weight and Practise More Painting again and skip Write a Blog, especially since I have a full-scale job happening which has nothing to do with the selected goals.

Hope I have helped in some way.


FC Classic

For the last three months of 2013, I purchased a "quarter pack" from FranklinCovey to see if I would actually use it for a full three months. It was like a reunion with an old friend. I used it more than I thought I would, so I purchased the full year refill for 2014. Classic size is just right for me. I start and end every day with some "quality planner time" to map out / summarize my day. Borrowing a line from the old Franklin Quest training, "when you think it, ink it". Having my planner with me at all times to capture those ideas that I previously believed I would never forget because they were too important to possibly forget has been invaluable.

We use Google apps where I work, so I'm dabbling with electronic capture as well. I like that I can access my Google Drive with my tablet, so technology is working its way into my daily life. But I still love my Franklin Classic for capturing notes and making plans.