Electronic tablet & classic notepad zipfolio

Hi, has anyone seen or attempted to find/create a combination notepad zipfolio and electronic tablet holder in classic size? A search around did not quite reveal what I am looking for, but it would sort of look like this:
or even this

But those one are not zipfolios, and they are too large (both my circa notepads and electronic tablet are classic size).

My Dell Venue 8 tablet sort of fits my old classic notepad organizer, though it is a rather tight fit.

Anybody made the attempt at this type of marriage of paper with technology? I think it could prove useful, especially if they could be side by side in the same case, like in the picture.

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Sounds like a custom job

Check out one of the small leather companies like Renaissance Arts (http://www.renaissance-art.com/) and see about customizing one of their classic sized designs to meet your needs.

Fabric and Etsy

When/if I ever get the tablet I ordered from nomorerack (think very carefully before ordering from these guys - I ordered my tablet the day after Thanksgiving and my order is still "processing" on the 18th of December.), I might try to make something like this out of fabric and flexible plastic. So if you know anyone who sews, I bet they could come up with a good design for you. Also, you can see a lot of interesting items on Etsy.

Let Me Know When You Find One

I would enjoy a product like this too. Right now I'm carrying them separately. One zippered binder with both would be awesome.


ipad mini or Samsung Galaxy tab products might be the answer

The Samsung tab and the ipad mini appear to be the most popular tablets in the 8 inch classic notepad general size, though those particular tablets, like most tablets from different companies, don't have identical dimensions.

Anyway, my point being, searches for

ipad mini notepad folio


samsung galaxy tab notepad folio

seem to produce the best search results, though still not exactly like what I am looking for (if you use the search term "zipfolio" instead of "folio", results are very limited.

Levenger Work & Play folio

I was fortunate to pick up the iPad mini Work & Play folio from the Levenger Outlet on ebay for a big discount recently. It's well made, and the leather feels great. Doesn't hold a Circa notebook, but will hold a notepad, pen, and other bits. It's a bit thick because of several layers of leather plus notepad, but that's to be expected. The iPad mini holder is held in by magnets and will detach for separate use.

It's not zippered, but has an elastic band to hold it closed.

I just got it, and so haven't used it yet. As usual, the quality of Levenger leather products is high.


At retail, it's a bit pricey, albeit very classy and great for work. Keep an eye out for a sale. :-)

Note: one might be able to find a Circa-compatible zippered folio that could accommodate an iPad or iPad mini that was just slipped in loose. At one time, Levenger had a Circa punched iPad holder that could be clipped onto Circa rings. Maybe you can find an iPad mini holder that would slip into a Franklin-Covey or Daytimer style binder? Maybe someone who is handy with leather could make a binder insert for you.

Hang on. Here's a site with a variety of folio cases. No experience with them.

OK, since this is on my mind, I did more searching.

Levenger has several products aimed at the hybrid tablet/notebook user.



These will hold a tablet in the side pocket, so they say, and it's zippered.

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