Copyholder/copystand in junior/classic size?

Hi. I own a Fellowes copystand in letter size which mostly perfect for my needs, but I was thinking it might be more practical to use one in junior/classic size, for carrying with me purposes, if such a thing exists. Does anyone knows of any?

Just to clarify, it would need to sit(stand) on a flat surface, not the hanging type. The junior clipboard I own cannot support the document from the bottom, which is what I need.

A bookstand might be the way to go, but I have not found the right size, and the wire stand I own doesn't quite work.

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Ready made and D.I.Y solutions

The product below is called Page Up

You could make your own by using a square box the size of a CD holder. If the box is plastic, wood or fabric, store it full of magnets.

If the box is metal, just place a magnetic sheet cut in half in front of it and an easy to grab magnet between your paper and the magnetic sheet.

Now that people are switching to virtual music and film, you should find used ones at garage sales.

I didn't see your post until now, it is now Spring garage sales time.