Heads Up ! Cleaning Out the Basement !

First of all, don't panic. I am NOT giving up disc binding or my SmurfZilla or the long neglected Dynamic Templates.

I have boxes of stuuf I have been stock-piling and it is time to clean out.

I have Classic/Junior size binders with the rings on a removable panel. These can be used for punched paper or for Circa/Rolla/Arc.

I have at least one punch for Franklin-Classic and one for smaller sizes.

I have piles of stuff I will never use, but one of you all might.

Stay tuned !

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Oh boy! Can't wait to see the list!

Oh my!

Ygor is parting with stuff!?!?!??! Looking forward to seeing what you want to get rid of.

I need to do this as well!

I have a big tub of circa stuff too. I read through the discussion about everyone moving away - I feel I am doing/ have done the same.

Are either of you selling discs?

I am on the lookout for some clear and metal discs 1"+. I would also be interested in some of Levengers unusual discs too. I can't remember all their names, they switch them so often. Thanks,


I am not planning to get rid of any discs. Lots of other stuff, still sorting and organizing and weeding.
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my discs are all just the boring / black ones

I haven't had a chance to look through my stock but I know I don't have any cool discs :(

First item for me

Ygor - I hope you don't mind me piggy backing on your post but I figured no need for folks to dig through two threads.

I have a sky blue (very pretty color - not light like carolina blue) Levenger Swiftnotes. They were $39 new and are still available in red and tan (but not light blue).

It comes with the mini pen and will include a new refill and Levenger box. The cover itself barely looks used because as soon as the red came out I bought IT.

If anyone is interested please direct message me and please put in the subject line something about DIY Planner as I used my "junk" email account to sign up for this site years ago and never changed it.

Make me an offer :)


My Circa Sale List

Again, Ygor, hope I'm not jumping in front of you here, but you've inspired me to clear out.

Here's what I've got, if anyone is interested:

LETTER SIZE CIRCA: 2 outdated agendas, sealed. Good for covers/discs. 2 Letter size starter kits, sealed (covers, discs, 20 ruled pages, 5 grid pages, 2 things to do, 2 project planner pages, 2 address pages, 5 perforated 3x5 cards, tabbed dividers

One, unwrapped, Letter size Circa 4x6 photo album (never used)

JUNIOR SIZE CIRCA: 1 open notebook, unused. One open outdated agenda, unused, good for discs/covers. One sealed outdated agenda, good for discs/covers. One sealed starter kit (covers, rings, same as above starter kit)

COMPACT CIRCA: one starter kit (sealed) - same as above. One sealed refills - 300 pages, ruled.

Make me an offer on any combination if you are interested. Please put DIY PLANNER in the subject line so I notice the email.

Thanks, all.

Might be interested in the Franklin Classic stuff

I've been checking out the PlannerPad system and they were kind enough to send me a one page a month and two pages a week sample when I emailed and asked. It looks like the pages line up with Franklin Covey's hole punch layout.

Their "Personal" size is the same height as FC Classic but just a little wider. How much would you be willing to part with the stuff for?


Anyone interested in pens?

I will be selling a handful - some Retro 51, some Levenger, some other nice pens. Please let me know if anyone is interested and I will post here. Otherwise straight to ebay.