Bat-Signal for innowen !! Found some interesting variations on BookBinding methods

Check out the YouTube collection here:

Particularly the two video groups "Lapbook 2" (11 videos) and "Voyager Box" (9 videos)

I think I was looking for how to make an accordion folder when I stumbled on this person's stuff.

Rather than watching them right off of YouTube, I downloaded them and watched them using VLC with the sound turned off and at 4x speed.

This person appears (to me) to be doing book-binding and box construction using double-sided tape rather than PVA glue ! Faster technique, but that double-sided stuff ain't cheap.

Anyone / everyone is welcome to comment, not just innowen

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That's really neat

Hey ygor,

That's really neat. Thanks for thinking of me.

Hope you are well!


Interesting technique, but...

...I have to wonder what she spends in double sided tape for one project.

Ever use spray adhesive (3M-77) for such things ?
I am going to experiment.

Also, I found double-sided tape called Killer Red Tape that will work on plastic -- like Circa/Rolla/Arc covers ! Stay tuned. Film @ 11
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