Amy Tangerine Yes Please CALENDAR STAMP Set, vs Digital Stamp Calendar

I found an interesting rubber stamp at

It could be useful for projects. I was excited about it, at least till I saw this video:

Then I realized using it might be a tad involved, for sure it is a bit too large for what I envisioned.

The rubber stamp is available at both Amazon and Ebay.

An alternative idea would be a Digital Stamp Calendar, such as the one found at

My own preference would be the in place printer they used to sell years ago, which allowed you to print from any pc to any surface, like a napkin or a cardboard box, but I have not been able to locate it in years, probably out of business.

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As an alternative printing calendars in small format

on letter size pages in a yearly or monthly format, can have a household set for the year to mark birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

A couple of pages of those same tiny calendars, printed on paper or card stock, using the specific colors chosen for a themed celebration, can serve the same purpose.

Papers calendars can be glued to most surfaces, card stock ones can be included in a "save the date" invitation package. Or, an easy way to incorporate the date into a D.I.Y birthday, anniversary, graduation card.

Personalisation can take the form of an heart, ring, cake stamp, lightly printed on the date.
Stencils and writing instrument to draw a shape around the date.

Anything on paper, can be embellished with washi tape, stickers and all the other goodies found in stationery and art stores which none of the D.I.Y members have any stash of.


It is ok, quite fiddly

I finally bough the Amy Tangerine stamp from Amazon. It is small enough for the smallest Moleskine notebook size, or even for a mini post it note, the stamp proper measures 1 3/4 inch by 2 inches.

But the experience of putting together such a small diy stamp will not be a happy one, it is very fiddly. YMMV.

potential use

But the experience of putting together such a small diy stamp will not be a happy one, it is very fiddly. YMMV.

To me, the potential usefulness of such a thing would be for stamping something like daily pages, where you want to repeat the same month multiple times. For a single stamp, it just seems like overkill. So, for instance, setting the month, and then stamping every day (or week) of a month in a Moleskine or some other hand-made DIY arrangement would be useful. I like the idea of Post it notes. I used to use my Mac Stickies app in a similar way--with a monthly calendar on one sticky.

For me, I could see stamping it on the pages, and if I add something to a date in the future, going back to the present week, and circling that day to remind me I have something later in the month. I think I'd also be tempted to print out next month, so do two months at a time, or 1 and a half, so to speak, with each month, stamping out ahead one month further. It's hard for me to put into words what I'm thinking, but I have in mind having individual pages for the current month, and one page for future months. If something goes down for a future month, it gets a line on that page, but won't go onto a daily or weekly page until you get to that month. Re-writing it into the weekly or daily page at the beginning of the month (and circling its date on all the little calendars) helps serve as a reminder of that event. It's a visceral reminder, rather than an alarm on a phone. But I could see these little stamps as being an essential part of making it visceral. Cool little stamp, BTW.