OfficeDepot's Foray Revolution - A Rollabind/Circa/Arc clone!

Hope this in the right forum...I don't frequent here as often as I used to!

I was reading the ArcIt blog yesterday and they mentioned that OfficeDepot is starting it's own Arc/Rollabind/Circa clone called "Revolution" soon. I have to say I like that idea as more competition is a good thing!

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Link !!!

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They are a decade late in the game.

When I moved away from the coasts, the areas I lived in had either, Staples with no Arc, or no Staples.

It is a little late for Office Depot but, I suppose, that people who have been using disk notebooks, will be happy to have another cheap alternative to Circa, to store their disk punched pages.

I think I could adopt this system to store documents and reports, if it included recycled and biodegradable plastic pages protectors.