Anyone Use Life Mapping by DIYFish?

Does anyone here use DIYFish's Life Mapping?


It seems so involved but so many aspects of it are appealing.

Right now I just fake being organized with my horizontal weekly Moleskine planner.

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Seems complicated to

Seems complicated to me.

Right now I just fake being organized with my horizontal weekly Moleskine planner.

Hey, I fake orgainization with my Moleskine too :^)
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I'm considering "Bullet

I'm considering "Bullet Journaling" too. Or maybe a hot mess combination of everything including a spiraldex or chronodex.

Life is just to crazy to fit into anything simple right now so I'm feeling I'm dropping the ball. Mostly it is likely to be "Someday/Maybe" types of things. My bad ankle has really put a wrench in my plans. :/

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Try this

Based on what you wrote, the above link might help. :-)



I like lots of colors around me, but I wouldn't want to carry a 20-pack of highlighters with me just to plan my day.

These days I'm just using the electronic calendar my company provides, email with flags for to-dos, a notebook I keep open on my desk, the notepad app on my laptop, a grocery list app on my phone, a 31-slot bill box on my desk..hmm. Maybe my stuff isn't as simple as I think it is. :)

Of course, since I mostly work from home I don't have to lug all this stuff with me anywhere. When I visit clients I take my laptop and my phone and pretty much leave it at that.

My life lends itself to electronic planning these days. But I sure do like pretty notebooks, pens, highlighters, and other paperish stuff.


I like Ygor templates better!

Printing plain black and white templates is way cheaper.

The cost of the frilly templates plus the cost of ink and the wear and tear on one's printer is not worth it.

Because it is a paper system frilly colors coding can be added with pencils, gel pens, fountain pens, markers and one can create artful inserts with the same tools.

I had planned to do tons of

I had planned to do tons of planner evaluation and some trial by fire for ideas but it will have to wait.

My year old kitten was just diagnosed with a progressive fatal disease. He was given up to 2 months. I'd devastated. Thankfully I had a tiny notebook with my when he was diagnosed so I could jot down information. There is no way to remember everything. I've been tracking questions too so when I call the vet I remember everything I want to ask.

Crazy how life changes so quickly in so many ways.

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