miquelrius / arc hack

While looking for something in my archive files, I stumbled upon my old miquelrius notebooks. I had forgotten how much I loved them - much like I love the Staples arc collection. I had a blank 4x6 graph notebook that I probably purchased accidentally, thinking it consisted of regular lined pages. Well now that I am so psyched about mindmapping, I feel like I have use for this kind of paper. So I decided to punch it and put it in my mini arc notebook. Gonna give it a whirl and see how it goes.

Anyone ever try this or something similar?

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Like these...?


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The link you posted is

The link you posted is similar in that it's grid paper but the books I had are spiral. I can't find it on the Sam Flax website; perhaps it is no longer in circulation. I took a picture of one of my notebooks. How can I add pictures to my post? I had a few of them, actually. I took a stroll down memory lane to my pre-disc days. I remember going for a job interview at NYU several years back and realizing before leaving the interview that the job wouldn't work for me even if I did get it. On my way back to the subway I discovered oodles and oodles of Miquelrius notebooks at the NYU bookstore and I went to town. When I got home, my smile was so huge that everyone assumed I had gotten the job...lol.

I have been making great use of the arc mini but have decided that the unconvential size is a bit of a pain. Soooooo, in typical DIY fashion, I am using the covers and the discs only. I cut my own paper to quarter-size pages, which is easy for me to do. I have also made a couple of templates that are still in the works. I can add them, but I doubt anyone is interested in this tiny size. I am a NYer who carries a tiny purse. This size notebook helps me utilize both technology & paper. I cannot carry a huge tablet and a huge notebook. This size also fits the Miquelrius grid paper once I tear it away from the perforated edge. So now my notebook consists of blank quarter-size pages, quarter-size to-do pages, quarter-size ruled pages, and some notes that I have typed.