Circafied leather DayRunner / eRunner ziparound folio

A big hello to anyone that still lurks around here. Especially Ygor.

Years and years ago I bought this:

198-5099 Day Runner Organizer 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 3-RING, 7 HOLE

Sorry for the long link. Feel free to linkify.

Essentially I wanted this as an affordable --and arguably better-- alternative to a leather Levenger ziparound agenda. It has an outside pocket and interior left side pockets, making it a highly functional substitute for a clutch pocketbook. Arguably it's better than a Levenger ziparound because the DayRunner exterior pocket is not just a flat zippered pocket, it is a generous, deep envelope pocket; and it has an adjustable strap which converts it from a clunky clutch to a relatively small pocketbook. The left side interior pocket is pretty deep as well. So I should be able to carry my cell phone and keys in the outside pocket for easy access, and a small number of miscellaneous items, maybe even makeup, in the inside left pocket. Additionally there is a slip pocket on the exterior/back of the ziparound. I’m not quite sure what I’d use that for.

And the overall depth is large enough I could use the 1 1/4 inch silver Martha Stewart discs I got at Staples if my agenda gets fat enough.

Unfortunately it had a riveted 3 ring spine, which is why it took me so long to work up the nerve to hack it. I've been doing a little bit of crafting for my two daughters (fabric bows and miscellaneous duct tape gee gaws) which is how I acquired the basic skills to attempt this and the tools to tidy up around the necessary modifications. Ultimately, I was willing to risk ruining it rather than hang onto it indefinitely the way it was.

Since the spine was riveted to the fabric lining I was able to pry the it off with minimal damage, just two small holes in the thin cotton blend fabric, which I cleaned up with a wood burning tool to prevent fraying. Tomorrow I'll cover up the small amount of exposed cardboard (5 - 6 mm around) with a black Sharpie.

Then I cut a long vertical slit along the seam to the left of the right side horizontal pockets, to create a right side slip pocket. Which is where the back cover of the Circa agenda will slide in. Again I used a wood burning tool to clean up the raw fabric and prevent fraying.

Finally I took some black duct tape and used it to tape down the left side of the newly created slit, so the fabric won't shift around, and the Circa agenda will have something to glide over when I'm removing/replacing it.

I'm kind of excited I finally did this but I have the following issues: 1) I never really noticed how cheap the fabric was until I was cutting into it. Actually, maybe not even until I was done duct taping it. Especially in comparison to the fairly decent quality leather. 2) The "pocketbook" strap is waaaaay to thick and masculine. I'm open to suggestions on where to get an affordable substitute: adjustable, black leather, 3/4 - 1 inch thick, with brushed silver tone lobster claw type clasps on either end. 3) Although the black duct tape doesn't really show, it is a little shiny in contrast to the fabric. If my husband has any Gorilla brand duct tape I'll see if it has more of a matte finish. 4) The two tab zipper is surprisingly difficult and time consuming to zip and unzip. The fabric adjoining the zipper is too thin and/or doesn't seem to have enough "tension". I’m open to suggestions on how to fix that.

Despite the negatives I'm pushing forward. Not that there's much left to do besides migrate my custom quarter year compact and perhaps supplement it with a soon to be circafied Dollar Store academic planner (6 x 4 1/2). If it does work out I would consider upgrading to any sort of Levenger Junior ziparound with interior left pockets. Unfortunately nothing seems to have a meaningful exterior pocket (just a flat zippered pocket), and nothing has the metal loops to add a strap and effectively turn it into a small pocketbook. But --as odd as it may seem-- the quality zipper might make it a fair trade off.

For anyone that has read this far and may be curious as to what finally motivated me to attempt this.: I may be starting new job so I need to get organized more that ever; and I've been waffling between a Staples Arc (actually Martha Stewart) letter size and a custom compact (appxly 7 x 4.5 size). Then the obvious occurred to me that I should go down the middle, so to speak. That plus the fact that I have a lot of Circa junior samples I can use.

I didn't have the time to take any pictures of the work in progress but I might take some pics of the finished product later.

Hope this is of some inspiration to someone else.

ETA, looks like I can't link any pics. I used to have some sort of photo bucket account. I might try to use that if there seems to be any interest in seeing what the finished product looks like and if I can get any decent photos with my cell phone.


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Hi Cath: Yes, I'd be

Hi Cath:

Yes, I'd be interested to see how it all turned out. Photobucket has an app for your phone now. You can set it to automatically upload pics to your Photobucket account (a private "bucket") and then sort/tag/caption them later.

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