Staples' Arc versus Office Depot's Foray / Revolution

I stumbled across a British Blog about Arc and found this comparison between Staples' Arc and Office Depot's Foray / Revolution.

Arc It: A Blog About Staples Arc Notebooks

Revolution and Arc are interchangeable - they are more or less exactly the same in terms of the hole (or "smurf" as I believe they're called!). You should have no issue swapping and chopping these two systems which is a big plus point and obviously what Revolution were aiming for.

In terms of pricing, this Revolution notebook cost $7.99 in store (£4.75) and a Junior Arc is about $9.19 (£5.47) on the website. Arc is more expensive but then again - the quality is better.

Overall, I was expecting a lot worse from the comments and reviews that started to trickle in. I don't think Revolution is a bad system - the range is limited but it is new, however what I've seen looks attractive and appealing. The pricing is very reasonable and I don't have any issues with that. My major annoyance with Revolution is those poor quality discs - they really let the system down. A disc-bound notebook systems rests upon the notion of using discs - if the discs are dodgy, the whole notebook becomes annoying to use.

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