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So I posted a couple of days ago, looking for ways to remove the spine from a planner. I bought a $10 planner from Barnes & Noble. A really cute black planner that resembles patent leather and fits nicely in my tiny purse. Well, I discovered that my 7" tablet fits nicely in the back. So even though I don't have a need for the inserts that came in the binder, I am going to keep the actual binder as is. I have spent waaaay too much time & money on discs, cutting paper, punching, etc. As a result, I can't find anything because I've switched up paper sizes and have spent more time rearranging and punching than I have actually working on my other projects. I like being able to find refills in numerous places without having to hack every single aspect of my notebooks. There's still room for customization with the actual content.

I'm already the girl who brings her lunch for the week in a set of mason jars. Being the girl who brings her hole punch to meetings is just too!

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