7 year anniversary

Hey all,

I've been here for 7 years as of yesterday. I keep coming back to see what is new, re-download items I lost, or just to wander around and see what I've missed. I tend to meander between analogue and digital. My wife and I use Google Calendar because we can share items easier. I prefer to have something in my hand instead, however, so I build a great planner, then end up not using it. *sigh*

I have now gotten to the point of being frustrated and disappointed in technology and am looking to once again go back to paper. I would also like to upload some of my creations when I have finished them (they are in the works), but last time I tried I wasn't able to do so.

I would also like to assist with the web-site if needed, and is done in a way that I understand.

I will also mention, that although you can find planner pages elsewhere, this has always been the best place to go. I'd like to see it continue to be the #1 place and I'll do what I can to keep the content fresh. I know others feel the same.


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Still Works

This is the one site that "still works" for me - I keep coming back. For example, I keep coming back to the flylady kit. I don't know how many times I've downloaded it over the years, but it is a LOT. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page and to the creators who keep it going. Many of us benefit. Thank you.


I'd like to agree with everything the poster wrote. I love this site and I keep coming back. And even though I live by google calendar and make everyone in the family use it and share access with me, I still think paper is what's going to work for day-to-day notes and important things to remember.

Thanks everyone.

Return to Paper

Hello ejsivler26 As you come back to paper and to Doug Johnston's wonderful forms, let me advise you that canary (yellow) paper is the best paper to print them out on. The blacks, whites, and grays come out wonderfully well on canary. On white paper, the gray blends into the white.

9 years 9 weeks

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Ok, I checked too...

And as of today, 8 years and one day. I apparently joined exactly 8 years ago on the 7th. Pretty cool, actually. :-) I wish I could still use paper exclusively or nearly exclusively, but time moves on... Though, thanks to another discussion here, I discovered this at Daytimer: http://www.daytimer.com/daytimerstore/mwv/product/Pocket-Jot...

And I am now sorely tempted. I would drop my ID cards, couple most important debit cards in this, and be good... But I think I'd still prefer a more wallet-like wallet for this... Make my own? ;-)

Member for 5 years, 4 weeks...

...though I've been lurking for well over 7 years.

I keep coming back as well, mainly because there is a treasure trove of creative ideas here.

I started carrying a Franklin Planner in the late '80s, and continued until I found this site. I then started experimenting with various ideas here and ended up adopting the Circa system in various forms.

While my normal-size (5.5x8) planner is an on-again, off-again affair these days, the HipsterPDA has been a constant companion ever since I saw it. Index cards are a truly magical format and size - I've found them perfect for soooooo many purposes!

Anyway, thanks so much to Ygor and all who have contributed to this site!

7 Years +

Like others,I keep coming back to DIY. Thank you, DIYers, for your creativity and willingness to let each of us be - or find - ourselves.

What's been working for me since January:
Bought an Action Day planner as it was week on two pages in different sort of layout AND had a place to delegate tasks & projects. Came Smyth bound but as beautiful as it was, I found bound just didn't work for me. I carefully unbound it, took the covers off, punched the pages for silver discs, and bought an inexpensive but plain black Staples Arc notebook that came with an attached elastic band to hold it all closed. Added some decorative tape to the cover and, Voila, a very professional looking work notebook with the Action Day pages inside. Besides the Delegation section, I also found the Task & Notes section was the perfect width for my favorite 3x3 Post-it stickies. And it's a heavier weight cream or ivory paper that can handle a lot of disc-riding and invites writing on.
Then I discovered Productive Flourishings planners and ended up incorporating those into the same notebook. The hybrid system is working well.

Sadly my personal notebook has gone by the wayside. I'm thinking of switching to the Productive Flourishing forms for my home activities, but if I do I will need a visual difference of some kind to keep the work and home systems separate. Someone on DIY suggested using colored paper - perhaps that would do the trick.
The Productive Flourishing planners are made for creative workers whose lives are Project oriented, not Appointment driven or Expense Driven. There's a place to record appointments, but not a timeline that takes up the entire page. There's also Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily planners available, that all work together. And the Blog Planners are great!
That said, stay creative and figure out what YOU like - then come back to DIY and tell us about it!

8 years 48 weeks

And enjoyed every visit.

Thank you all for the wonderful ideas and knowledge.