Have you punched 3-hold pages for Circa?

I love my circa notebooks, and I'm considering using a paper planner for 2015. I really like the Franklin-Covey compass layout (2 pages/day), but they don't sell it punched for circa. (They also don't sell the layout I prefer in wire-bound, which would fit in my leather levenger portfolio). My question is: Can you buy a planner that's punched for a ring-binder and re-punch the pages for CIRCA? Will the sheets fall out? Will they look dumb?

Thanks -- and happy planning for 2015!

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Looks a bit funny

I've done it with A4 and 4-hole paper, and I found it impossible to avoiding at least a couple holes. The upside is that it doesn't seem to interfere with the narrow part of the mushrooms, which means it doesn't interfere with how well the mushrooms hold the paper in, but it does look a bit awkward--but only slightly. I'd find some cheap 3-holed paper, and try on those to see how well you can fit the smurfs (mushrooms) to the holes.

punching circa holes over round holes

I did this with a classic size binder. It functioned okay, but I did not like the look. If the paper you are getting has more than three holes, it would be a bit messy. Good luck.

Dynamic Templates

You could always use Ygor's Dynamic Templates and print your own. I just went to FedEx/Kinko's and bought a ream of heavy weight paper and had them cut it in half from 8.5x11 to 8.5x5.5. Then punched them myself.

I think purchasing hole punched and then Circa punching is a mess. I tried just a couple of sheets of notes once, I can't imagine a whole calendar.


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Thanks for your help

Thank you for all the good advice. I realized I'm still undecided between 2-page per day (Franklin-Covey Compass layout) or 2-page per week (Quo Vadis minister layout), so I'm not ready to commit to buying a year long planner anyway. I think I'll go browse Etsy for some printables!

...or you can just download

...or you can just download it from here, I made it with Dynamic Templates.

2015 - 2 Pages per Day - Journal

Let me know if that works.

Edit: Margin and line thickness changed.
I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx

Reinforce with Washi Tape?

How about reinforcing the hole-punched paper on both sides with washi tape or Scotch Magic? Then punch away.

works like a charm

I use tape before circa-punching anything that may be flimsy, or that has been previously punched. Works like a charm.

Why Didn't I Think Of That?

Dang it. Wish I had found this thread before I tried to punch my Marbig Business card holder page.

Going to try another with washi re-inforcing and see how I go!

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Washi Tape Works Beautifully!

I used the washi tape reinforcement method to Arc punch a plastic velcro pocket which now happily holds my heavy A5 diary and selection of pens.

I was worried the washi tape wouldn't hold with the heaviness of the contents but it's worked beautifully and I've had no problems over several months now.

Thank you thank you thank you. :)

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Update from the original poster

I tried printing out some planner pages from the templates, from a 31-day Franklin Covey sampler and some of the pages from Passion Planner, just to see which format I was most likely to use. I also kept a small pocket-sized blank book in my purse. After a few weeks, I've realized that the blank book is the only item I'm consistent about jotting in and checking, so when moleskines went on sale at my local art supply store, I bought one and I'm trying the Bullet Journal approach.
Thank you for all of your ideas. If I had heard about that washi tape idea before splurging on the moleskine I definitely would have tried it! That's a great idea!