Many, many thanks to Ygor!!

Since I last posted here, my life has changed enormously. I'm retired (mostly against my will) so I don't have a lot of work projects to keep up with anymore. I am living alone, though, so there is a lot of house work to do. I had tried the Flylady approach years ago, but it didn't work for me. I had to find another way.

So what I tried, for more than a year, was keeping everything online. And that sort of worked. Google calendar is great at handling appointments, and even recurring tasks (as long as you don't tell Google they are tasks!). I also use IQTELL, which is a sweet tool for GTD-style action management. But that wasn't exactly right for a retired lady just trying to keep up with doctor's appointments and housework.

I'm taking a class on Coursera, called "Learn to Learn" to get some mental activity going. Well, in this week's class, they pointed out that writing things down on paper really does help you remember them. So, cool, I was going to go analog again. I went looking for a planner. I had no idea how many there were! Pretty ones, too. But none were right for me... too focused on appointments (I don't see the doctor THAT often) or too focused on housework.

But then I said to myself "Self, what about that Dynamic Templates program?". Since I often give myself good advice, I checked it out again. I found the format for me! Two pages per day, DIY3 Journal Left Hand Style. Perfect! I print the days single sided, then fold them in half and circa punch on the open edge. That gives me enough substance to use my fountain pens on. I don't worry about the extra thickness because I only keep a couple of weeks in the planner at one time. This is working smoothly so far, and I am stressing less about what I have to do. So thank you Ygor for Dynamic Templates!

Maybe when I have worked with the planner for a while, and tweaked it to work even better for me, I'll take a few pictures and share them.

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Thanks Heavens for Dynamic Templates

I'm so happy to find I can get here again and have another browse of all the templates. And also upload some I've made.

So thankful for the Dynamic Templates program - it's so awesome.

Boo to involuntary retirement, sctechsorceress. Your setup sounds awesome - I would love to see pictures.
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