DIYP won't load in Firefox on Windows 8.1

I am so so so happy to find DIYPlanner up & running!!!!

Let me explain.

I am on safari on my iPad.

I usually access DIYPLANNER on my windows desktop PC so I can download the forms. For months and months I get a 404 message in Firefox. I tried at work on IE - same 404 message. So I couldn't blame my new PC.

All devices here at home Use the same modem/router. And now I've found DIYPLANNER is working on my new PC's IE which I had to dumb down to get grocery shopping to work.

I've got Firefox 35.0 on windows 8.1, Any ideas how to fix DIYPlanner timing out and not loading?

(Anyone who says "download Chrome" is at risk of being locked outside with no tent & no wi-fi - all night).


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Safari for Windows?


You might want to look into using a different DNS server as well. It sounds more like a Windows problem than a browser problem.

Try by IP

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