Help - changing ink in Parker Fountain Pen

I tried (unsuccessfully) to change from brown ink to violet in my Parker Fountain pen.

I keep getting dark browny black sludge coming out.

I asked my boss (who is away on holidays right now) and he said "wash it with plain water in your laundry tub".

I spent quite some time rinsing and rinsing and rinsing both the nib and the windy ink cartridge bit, and although the cartridge is clean and empty, sludge still comes out of the nib.

What can I do to get that sludge out so I can refill with violet and have it come out properly?

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I changed colors only once

from brown to blue. When I did, I stuck the whole pen tip into warm water, with the cart inside the pen, and sucked water up into the cart through the nib. I did this several times, also forcing it back down out from the cart through the nib. Then I just ran warm, running water through the pen without the cart. It took a while to get clear water going in and out. There seems to be a surprising amount of ink inside a pen.

Try the fountain pen network

I try not to use any fountain pens that cannot be completely disassembled, for just that kind of situation. Having said that, for better help, you should try the experts at

To the Rescue: Goulet Pen Company's "Ink Nouveau"

The Ink Nouveau YouTube Channel

Start here: Goulet Pens Blog: Fountain Pen 101

When you're first starting out with fountain pens, it can be confusing trying to understand how they work and what you need to know to get started. I set up this Fountain Pen 101 series to make it easier to learn the basics of fountain pen use so that you spend less time struggling and more time having fun!

Here is the YouTube playlist, so you can watch the entire series straight through. Feel free to also subscribe to my YouTube channel, TheInkNouveau, to see all of the videos I post.

And check out the merchant site :

I am a very satisfied repeat customer.

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I am also a big fan of Brian and the Goulet Pen Company, and a member of the Fountain Pen Network.

Long story short - mix some water with ammonia, add a drop or two of dish soap, and flush the heck out of the nib by repeatedly drawing the solution in and out of the cartridge (through the nib, of course) until it runs clear. Follow up with plain water once or twice then your new ink. You can make it a much easier/quicker task by 'force feeding' the cleaner through the nib with an ear syringe.

Never, ever change inks without doing a pen flush like this! Bad things can happen when you mix inks. I once had two inks congeal into a tarry, semi-solid mess and had to throw the pen away. You can get away with a simple water flush ONLY if you're refilling with the SAME ink...