Notetaking app for Android

Best notetaking apps and does GTD exist in that format?

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There are tons of different apps depending on what you really want to do in android.

There are plenty of GTD-based apps, and lots of plain note apps. Lifehacker regularly reviews apps, that'd be a good resource for looking at summaries of good stuff.

Personally, I'm rather limited in some areas because my employer dictates things like calendar software, and being a developer we have a tool to track our software to-dos. So my note-taking needs on the phone/tablet are pretty basic.


Google Keep

I use Google Keep for notes. It syncs to the desktop via Chrome, and is simple, but flexible. It's the closest thing I've found to the old Newton NotePad. :-)

But there's also EverNote, and Microsoft's OneNote. A quick perusal of the Google Play store shows a bunch of GTD-type or compatible apps. But I don't use any. Sorry.

Thumbs are too slow for notetaking!

Seriously, the best notetaking app for Android (or iOS) is a phone case that holds a pencil and a few index cards.

By the time you wake up the phone, unlock it, navigate to the notetaking 'app', find the right screen, and create a new note page (assuming you still remember your thought), you could have scribbled an entire card's worth of notes.

If you're in a classroom/lecture/meeting environment, forget about using your phone for notetaking. You'll miss 75% of the content and leave with sore thumbs and poor comprehention of the subject matter. I've tried...

handwriting makes your brain retain

I have read several articles stating the best way to take notes is to actually hand write them. Somehow, our brain works on a completely different level than when we simply type alone...

I totally agree with Oregon Jim. Paper and pen all the way, baby!


I did forget about finding a

I did forget about finding a suitable app since I have been carrying my Field Journal Notebook, all the time, fitted with writing instruments and paper as well as extra refills of different kind of paper (just enough for the day, conference or trip activities).

It is true, I remember more things, my handwriting has improved, it is really wonderful and it is a great way to keep track of ideas, hobbies, passions and multiple projects.

Note Taking

I'll take notes with pen and paper and then take a snapshot with my phone and upload to Evernote. I can then search the text of the note, tag it, etc. Best of both worlds.

OK, that's cool

I have taken photos of notes before, but never thought of consciously integrating them into an electronic note-taking system like this. I need to ponder this and give it a whirl. Thanks! (sorry for the delay. Usually posts show up in my news feed, but I missed this one somehow)


Evernote is amazing. I love that you can digitally search handwritten notes.