Atoma (European Circa/Rollabind) has a smartphone/tablet app

I could not look at the Apple app (The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.)

But I could view the web page for the Android version

Looks interesting and appears to be free.

Would someone with access to a non-US Apple App Store take a look at the iOS version, please ?

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I have downloaded it. Will play with it at lunch time. Have taken some screen shots from the Apple Store which I'll upload to Flicker if I can get it to play nicely :)
Report further later ;p

*** Later: here is link to app store screenshots - *crosses fingers* the Flickr App is painful!

the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...


Seem like a waste.
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I tried the Android version on my Nexus, but upon trying to create an account, it failed, so I tried logging in from FaceBook, and the app crashed, and thereafter, crashed on launch every time. I deleted it...


As Igor said, the Atoma system looks underwhelming, though it got me to think about the paper/computer link again. Still doesn't seem nearly as interesting as the Evernote/Moleskine product, though I decided against that one.

The most satisfactory paper/electronic link I ever found, was gtd tiddlywiki, because the print outs were acceptable, though not spectacular. In the end tiddlywiki was insufficient in both paper and computer, ended up committing gtd to paper only.

I guess I will continue to print diy forms, with no attempt at a link, until the magic solution appears someday, good enough for now.

Evernote/Moleskine would be great if only...

...Moleskine paper doesn't work for fountain pens, so I can't take advantage of a combo I'd love to love.