Mid-year check in: Did your new year's system survive this long?


Just wondering if anyone's system survived six months, assuming it was a new system for 2015..

I am back to messing around with Trello, and fiddling for the first time with OneNote for work materials.. Also still have my whiteboarding stuff, but not really satisfied with the ephemeral nature of stuff that gets erased. Hah!

Anyway, fiddling and twiddling as always.


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Still going strong

My modified bullet journal & Evernote combo are still going strong. I haven't used the Esquoia as much as I though I would, but who knows? Next month it may be my best friend. I have considered moving my system back to a disc bound system from the Leuchtturn, and including a couple of the Esquoia sheets that way, to see if they get more use. My system is working fine, but I guess I'm still looking for that holy grail of systems - there are worse vices, right?


Yes, there are definitely worse vices than flipflopping on ones planning system. :)



I agree 100%. My planner vice doesn't hurt anyone, doesn't cost nearly as much as other "habits" and it keeps me productive.

Finally had one good idea--thanks, SusanBeth

I've always struggled with the portability issue. I've wanted a small planner I can keep in my pocket. Yet, I write big and I'm a visual thinker. I need a large space so I can organize sub-categories. Linear planning and outlining have always been a struggle.

After all the things I've tried (boy, have I tried them all!), I decided to go back to a humble composition notebook. I created a Catch All, where I can write out my plans for the week, my to do lists or flip to the next page and glue in a recipe or staple in a business card. A composition notebook is big but thin. I can't stand writing where I have to balance my wrist on a tall stack of paper. This style of book fits in my work bag and purse.

However, the *big idea* is to incorporate index cards with the planner. I can capture random ideas on a stack of index cards I binder clipped to the front of the composition notebook. I can either use them when out and about (grocery list, list of errands, etc.) and either glue them into the corresponding topic page or put them in a pocket at the front and sort the information at it's home location.

I also carry 10-15 index cards with me. Instead of using the large size binder clip, I've found a medium size. I attach it to the bottom of the stack, folded the stack in half, and slide it into my pocket. It's the most portable and sturdy pocket contraption I've used EVER and I love it. The index cards are sturdy enough to act as their own backing and instead of flipping the pages up, I flip them toward me, which for whatever reason has rocked my world. So much easier to write on and I can see everything on the top part. The cards do not fall out of my pocket this way.

It's not an 9 am appointment, noon luncheon type of set up, but as a teacher, I have my schedule and work tasks in when I can get them done.

I should also mention I have a yearly calendar that our financial adviser sends us annually that I use for calendar planning. It's about the size of a 3 brad folder, so I have big boxes to write in.

I'd like to thank the DIY inserts for helping me come up with my own layout which I simply draw out in a pen/pencil/whatever is handy and Susanbeth's awesome posts on Index Cards! It has been a road of experimenting to get here!


Never can find the perfect method.

Started 2015 with Bullet Journal, then decided on going back to Franklin-Covey, but it was too bulky. Now I've decided to keep a Bullet Journal for work, since it fits my job. I don't even bring it home with me. I keep information and major task list in Evernote, which I can sync with my work iPhone (and my Pandora music machine, I mean iPad mini that work gave us), so it's always with me. The iPad is really a waste since we have no work use for it.

I also bought a Moleskine 18 month weekly planner, for personal/teaching/consulting, but I can't commit to writing in it, such indecisiveness ;) So there it sits without a single pen mark. Maybe tomorrow...*SIGH*

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lost count

I can't even remember how many notebooks/systems I have that haven't been used yet..I know there are two notebooks in my overhead bin right now that I never touched. And a pack of index cards near my feet.. some zip envelopes to my right that haven't been touched in months.. a sketchpad behind me with no doodles.



@ Shris

I think the unused notebooks do have a purpose; they help inspire you :)


Eh, mostly they inspire me to think about how much money I spent on stuff that isn't getting used!




I hear you :)


Went from A4 ARC leather with slip in A5 diary (whole lot too heavy to carry on work commute, but worked well for planning at home) back to A5 ARC leather with same diary (A5 ARC too fat and doesn't fit nice forms in easily - #FAIL).
Toyed with Evernote again but really as more of a reference repository.
Currently using the A5 diary with a Kikki.k pen strap around it to hold my bomby old spiral bound notebook to the front. Just writing to do lists and stuff from phone calls and mind dumps in it.
Feeling disorganised without my nice A4 planning pages.
Thinking the next change might be to plastic covered ARC to reduce the weight ...
Or using a Moleskin knock off with home made tabbed sections, perhaps glued in monthly calendars. Pfffft. I just don't know ...

the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Here we go again....

So, my college student daughter wanted a Passion Planner (academic), so why not two? The quality isn't great and I have some issues with the layout, but I think I'm going to give it a try, since school begins for me in about a week. Still using the Bullet Journal for work only, and it works great for that. I did have to separate personal and teaching from work though.

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I will check it out
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