new Staples arc products

Staples has added some new products to the Arc line, including a portable single-page punch. This makes it easier for me to use the mini notebooks that I so love.

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Links, please

I couldn't find the punch you mention
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no links :(

I couldn't find any of the new products online. I went to Staples in Times Square Manhattan and spotted one portable punch on the shelf next to the desktop punch. I placed it in my shopping cart but somehow when I got home it wasn't in the bag and I wasn't charged for it either. I went back to the store, thinking maybe it was left behind at the cashier area but no one could find it.

The next day I went to another staples in Queens and found several of them, along with a new letter-size notebook with a transparent cover and 120 sheets of paper without the Arc logo plus new dividers/folders.

I can take a picture of the punch. How do I attach it?

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portable punch!

ooh oooh portable punch!
Darn them not having new things online!
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