Junior / classic / half size, weekly on one page

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a 2016 junior / classic / half size (5.5" x 8") agenda that I can CircArcify. I need one week per page with the weeks back to back to reduce unnecessary bulk.

I wouldn't mind an inexpensive bound one from Staples as long as it's not too hard to deconstruct and punch the pages.

Also, can anyone recommend a Circa type yearly pull out? I like Levenger's but the monthly tabs that go with it are too heavy and thick.

Are there any printable ones with at least a little room to write on the dates?



ETA - picture on 12/31/15

Classic, Junior, Half, Word on left, Outlook on right.jpg1.04 MB
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Update, DIY Word version on left, Outlook booklet on right

Rather than start a new thread I added a picture to my opening post.

After what seemed like years of searching I finally created a half size weekly agenda on one page. I probably created the Word version on the left side of the attached picture shortly after my opening post in this thread. I really liked it since the margins are small and it made maximum use of the whole page, and there was room to customize each week with a quotation. This is one of my favorites: "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going". Jim Ryun

Although it was a time investment, ultimately the Outlook version on the right should be easier over the long run, since I had to manually change the dates on the Word version. With the Outlook version it was simply a matter of figuring out the settings for half page, double sided printing, and figuring out the date range so that my first week with this new format would fall on the right side, where I needed it to. I wasted a fair amount of paper until I realized I should use print preview. Unfortunately there is less space per day for writing but I think there is just enough room for significant events and I'll wind up supplementing with inserts, that's the beauty of rings and discs, you can insert and remove pages.

I may start writing a quotation per week by hand; or maybe I'll use some Avery labels.


ygor's dynamic templates

You know, ygor's dynamic templates have a 1-pg per week with both lines and blocks. Also, if you choose the 2 page per week, the Moleskine-notebook style has the week on one side (not lines nor blocks, just separator lines between the days. What's cool with that is that you can (on the Mac, at least) choose to just print the odd pages, and save that as a pdf, and now you have a one-page-per-week with tons of room to write stuff--but no lines.

However, it seems that your Outlook version is pretty cool. Now you have me wanting to open my Mac calendar app to see how it prints. :-)

Ygor's templates


I've tried playing with Ygor's templates over the years but never seemed to be able to figure them out. Is there a half size? Are they undated or can you change the year?

Part of the problem may have been my printer. I used my Outlook calendar at work; that printer may be a little more user friendly; but not much it took me a few hours to finally produce what I wanted.

Maybe I'll take another look at the templates though.


quite customizable

But not always easy to see. But you can choose page size, beginning date and ending date, format, and even line thickness. Try downloading the latest version, because I think it makes choosing dates easier than older versions--but that may be just my bad memory--Ygor???