Updated 7-day week

I have started a new project that will require that I plan my weekends as well. I found a "weekly planner" template, but it did not have weekends. I also print duplex, so I needed to keep it booklet style. I found a program to edit PDFs at a decent price (PDF XChange Editor), and set about editing the templates to suit my needs. Since I believe in sharing, I am posting it here.

I added a cover and back page as well. If you print it, you will see that it turns into a 7-day, 16-page booklet. If you cut the pages in half, it will fit nicely in a classic binder. The left page is the day planner and the right page is a note page. this will let me plan my day as well as take notes or journal as I go. The front page is a cover page I decided on and the last page is the Covey Planning Quick Reference Page. These can all be found on this site. I added Saturday and Sunday.


Daily Keeper - Notes.pdf723.54 KB
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