Considering switching to a real Hipster PDA type set up

I've been using a mashup of Levenger Circa and Staples Arc for a while now. I tried out various sizes and have ended up with the Junior size. However for a lot of things, I find myself going more & more digital but I still want SOMETHING on paper.

The three things I can never see completely replacing paper with digital: quick & easy notes (with some sketches), calendar, and a journal.

For the journal, I use whatever notebook currently feels best to me (Rhodia Webnotebook at this point, that's for asking). But that stays at home. When I'm out and about, it would be pretty handy to have something that fits in my pocket.

I know it goes against the general idea of this site, but I am liking the looks of Levenger's new 3x5 calendar cards. I think I'd like the weekly cards and just jot down reminders of what I have coming up with maybe 3 or 4 cards to keep notes of the really important stuff. Then when I'm done with the cards I could put them in a little file box if it's something important enough to keep or toss in the recycle bin if not.

The only challenge I would have with this set up - if I'm carrying them in my pocket, what do I carry them in to keep them from getting beat up? I've been carrying a Fieldnotes notebook in my back pocket for a while, and it looks like it's been in a warzone, even though it's just been sat on for weeks on end.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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Levenger Pocket Briefcase

If you're looking at the Levenger 3x5 cards already, you should maximize the shipping and get a Pocket Briefcase. I've carried one for years (with just normal blank index cards) in my back pocket and it's held up quite well. I carry a card loaded in the writing surface and it is in good shape for the week and sometimes longer.

I was considering the pocket briefcase

I was looking at the pocket briefcases and thought about that as an option. Only two concerns - it seems a bit pricey as is the case with most Levenger things and I wonder if it would feel too thick. I don't like carrying anything bulky in my back pocket. I do a Fisher Space Pen on one side and Fieldnotes 48 page memo book on the other.

The big appeal is I'd like a mini-planner I could carry in my pocket. One page calendar for this month for an overview, one for this week and two or three index cards for notes.

I've tried printing my own index cards for calendar pages and it doesn't work out too well for me. You've got cost of ink, my printer isn't that great, and then if inkjet ink gets wet it kind of smudges. On top of that, there's the time to cut them. My printer doesn't print index card sized paper. The smallest it goes is 4x6, and then it can only do that with a border.


Don't think it'd be too thick.

If you're carrying a Fieldnotes book, the pocket briefcase is not that much bulkier. I carry the basic shirt pocket briefcase (without the pen pocket) and it's less thick than two Fieldnotes books. The main bulk comes from how many extra index cards you choose to carry with you.

As for cost, I've compared it to other similar designs and the Levenger is much better made and more durable. I just checked and I've been carrying daily mine since March 2013 in my back pocket and it's still in good shape. I'd say that it's probably paid for itself over time.

I'm not sure if the pocket briefcase with the pen pocket is still available (outside of the International Pocket Briefcase).

Pocket Briefcase with pen holder?

Levenger used to carry a pocket briefcase with a pen holder. I'm not seeing it there now. Is this something they discontinued?



Years ago (2007, I believe) I made a Ductster wallet to carry just these sorts of things (including my Cross pen clone). I only just this year retired it, not because it was worn out, but because I bought a new wallet that holds my car registration and receipts (my main uses for my Ductster in the end). Turns out that I mostly use my phone for notes these days, and even, thanks to Android's widgets, for quick calendar lookups.

But in any case, a Ductster--in black, can both look good and last--and if it does need cleaning up, repairs are easy, and invisible.

These are the instructions I followed:

I'll check that out

I'll have to check that out. I'd hate to spring for the Pocket Briefcase only to find I don't use it. This way, I can try it out and if I want to upgrade later I can.


Or try the $3 one from Office Depot

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