Agenda Templates: Participants Map?

Would it be possible to add a small "Participants Map" somewhere on the Agenda template? Just a rectangle with several empty circles around it. I'd like to be able to note the participants' names besides the circles, to better learn and remember their names during a meeting.

I know I can lay out their business cards in front of me according to where they sit, but not everybody has one.

An example for such a map is here:

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An interim possibility…

Keep some blank business cards handy to use when folks have none.

Sounds like a good template idea.
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How many circles?


How many circles would be needed? I know some of my meetings were just three people, and others were fifteen... Maybe just a rectangle so you can draw in your own circles?

But then, some of my meetings were in a V configuration, or a U configuration rather than just a single table..


Rectangle is flexible enough

Hi Shris,

I think a simple rectangle with up to 10 circles is enough. If there are more participants or more complex seating shapes, it probably takes too much time to write down all names, which annoys everybody else at the table(s). My intention was simply to be able to capture the names of a few participants when I haven't met any of them before, so that I can remeber their names during the meeting and beyond. The drawing really doesn't need more space than a business card and could be located in any corner of the agenda template...


Different shapes

Most folks know what shape room they are going to be in for a planned meeting. You could pre-print pages for the common types of meetings you have. We only have big rectangle, small rectangle, and circle tables in our meeting rooms. I would not need to print the V shaped meeting map.

Or here is another idea: Mark several shapes overlapping in a light font - like the tracing of a line. Then the user can use their pen/pencil to draw on top (darken the lines) of the desired shape. I can see a rectangle with a square inside of with with a circle inside of that (and maybe a triangle inside of that).

Like this (I had to use periods to space out the lines):

Everyone can draw their own circles as they need them.


Easier way?

Personally, I do not want to remember the shape of the table, just the seating order of the people... ;-)

With respect to that, squares and rectangles are the same for me, and the triangle too (rotate the square by 45 degrees...).


participants map

Does this look right? My first attempt at customizing one of the forms so please tell me what I have done wrong as well as right so I can learn.



Hello Magzy,

this is *exactly* what i was looking for!

Thanks a lot. Would it be possible to provide an A5 template, too? Anyway, I could scale the printout, not a big issue.

Best regards

Glad that worked

I am glad that worked for you. I am not sure about resizing everything, but I will look at how to do that when I get some free time again. As I said I am just learning to use open office. It has lots more possibilities!