Walmart version of Circa, Arc, etc.: IQ 360, "Come Full Circle" by Continental

I found a Circa/Arc (CircArc) type line of notebooks and accessories at Walmart recently. Would it be too cute to nickname them WalmArc?

This was a little while ago, but my memory is that the quality wasn't that much worse than Staples' Arc products. If I recall correctly the paper was a little thinner and the poly/vinyl covers seemed a little chintzy but not too terrible. The pages turned fairly easily without noticeable sticking. I didn't have time to make note of the prices but they were considerably cheaper than Staples. Maybe 30 to 40% less?

Likewise the pleather covers were of lesser quality, but not terribly so.

In addition to the notebooks they had a surprisingly wide range of paper & refills and accessories: task pads, To Do list pads, discs, undated weekly agenda pages, poly dividers, & refill pages. They even had a small selection of notebooks with designer colors & prints.

I just realized that all of the notebooks and the agenda pages that I took pictures of were junior size (you can tell in the pictures since there are only 8 discs), but I think they did have a few 8.5" x 11" notebooks.


IQ 360, WalmArc, notebooks, etc.jpg1.24 MB
IQ 360, undated wo2p, dividers, etc..jpg1.21 MB
IQ 360 access, discs, pleather notebook & taskpads.jpg1.33 MB
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The pictures in the opening

The pictures in the opening post do seem to work but you need to click them.



Thanks for the pics, Cath. I can only drool, Walmart not being available to me unless I travel to the US :D
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Did you buy any ?

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No. I've been punching my

No. I've been punching my own pages for quite awhile now but it's probably worth a look for anyone interested in trying a disc based system.

I was in a hurry so I didn't look have a chance to look carefully but I think the smurf shape is compatible with Circa and Arc so it may be worth a look for anyone buying from Levenger or Staples. I forgot to mention they had a punch as well.

There are several Walmarts near me but only two that I shop at regularly; only one of them had these items; and I couldn't find them on Walmart's website.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that actually tries them.


I am curious about the discs

Check out
The discs have holes in the center.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***


I didn't notice the holes. I'll have to go back and take a closer look.

I wonder what they are for. Levenger has discs with holes but they have a rubber center to grip a pen or pencil.

A far as I can tell from the video, these holes are just for show; maybe they can be hacked to hold something.


Walmart stopped making these

Walmart no longer makes the IQ 360 line or any disc bound book. I am looking for a single hole hole punch that cuts the smurf shape used in Arc, Circa, and Levenger. I want a metal one, like you use for paper. Paying $45 for a hole punch doesn't fit my budget. I do have the Arc rings, I bought them on Amazon. The Arc hole punch that is less money is plastic and breaks easily. Let me know if you find a solution! :)


So, Walmart sells these, but they seem to be new, but they also aren't on their web site... was it a trial to see how it sold? Or have they been for sale for a while, but nobody noticed?

And ouch! I looked on eBay, and these punches still sell for a pretty penny!!!

BTW, you don't want a single-hole punch. I can't imagine what it would be like, trying to align 8-12 holes, trying to get them all in the right spot. And that's probably why nobody ever made one that I've heard of.

BTW, I have two, but the cost of shipping from Poland would make it cost the same as buying in the States. Totally not worth it.

Honestly, if you think you will use it, I'd just spring for a good one. I have hundreds and hundreds of pages I've punched. In fact, I have hardly any purchased, pre-punched pages. Almost all mine are DIY. ;-)


Spring for the Circa punch. My only issue with it is that it doesn't punch many pages at once, but the amount of money you save making your own lined pages as opposed to buying the pre-punched pages (even if you go for the Arc stuff at Staples) will add up. And plus I've found it EXTREMELY useful to have the punch for printed notes, etc.

And plus it'll take you ages to get the alignment right and punch the holes using a single smurf punch; especially when you're talking about multiple pages.

That's strange

There was a decent amount of stock at this location and there was no indication it was on clearance.

I didn't open the box for the punch so I can't comment on the quality and I didn't see a price but I'd suggest checking out your local Walmarts to see if they happen to have them. If it's not worth the drive you might try calling.


I found some at one store

I grabbed a junior notebook and a "half-junior" notebook and a pack of the smallest discs.
That was about all this store had.
I did see some of the punches - they say "one sheet at a time". I agree with maddiehope - Spring for the Circa or the Arc desktop punch.

I was able to contact the manufacturer and was told to expect a wider distribution in another month or two.
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Printed covers for junior size only

I was at my local Walmart recently and the letter size comes with 60 pages of paper for $5.00 or $6.00. I'm not sure how much cheaper that is than the ones at Staples but it seems like a decent price. I would have been tempted if the letter size came in a pretty print.


Bought one

I got the pocket size notebook. The quality's decent. I'm considering now if i want to bother making some planner type pages for this one.

On the subject of punches - the Staples portable Arc punch is solid metal, punches two or three sheets cleanly, and fits easily in the bag. Just sayin'.

it's a thing now, I guess...

I also found out that Office Depot has their own ring-bound system as well. They call it T?l.

I bought their leather notebook, and the skinny sheets for quick notes and todo lists, and a ruler. I used the cover to replace my plastic Levenger covers. It's nice, real leather, with inner pockets on the cover (one of the reasons I wanted the leather cover). Staples has one similar, but it's not real leather, and it costs the same, IIRC.

Where can one find a portable punch? Walmart? Staples? I really want/need one.

This is their SECOND try

They tried before ( looks like about 2 years ago according to )
About a punch, look for Rollabind PBS-500 - I see a few on eBay
I have the lavender version of this and it is great.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***