2016, half size pull out calendar, year on one (long) page

Now that I have my half size weekly on one page agenda for 2016, I'd like to supplement it with a Circa type year on one page pullout.

Levenger has them on sale right now for $8.00 but they come with monthly pages that double as dividers. These monthly dividers are a little to bulky for set up and I'd hate to throw them away.

Is there any easy way to make something like this; or to hack something readily available (and without any malware) on the internet?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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what is the appeal

...of that yearly calendar? To me, it's kind of confusing.

But... I don't think it would be hard to make. I'd use a spreadsheet, set the sell sizes, fill it in, and then set the page size to something larger. I don't know the larger US sizes any more, but Legal sticks out. It's too small for what you want, but maybe it can jog your memory better than mine. But here's the key. Set it up on this size paper (on ISO sizes, I'd use something like A2), and set it up so the height is no more than the US Letter size, and then.... save a pdf file and take that to Staples or someone else who prints on demand, and they can print and cut it down to the size you need, and viola! You have your foldable year-at-a-glance that you need.

Or you could buy the Levenger and sell the monthly dividers here. ;-)


you could have them print a long calendar on _two_ US Legal pages, and paste them together to make the one, long page....

But in any case, it is doable, if you are willing to muck with it yourself in a spreadsheet, and let Staples or some other place print them for you. :-)

Jonglass, I did play around


I did play around with Excel for a little bit but quickly realized it would take more time than it was worth to figure it out. I might just bite the bullet and buy Levenger's.


Dynamic Templates - Here's how…

Levenger says: "Pull out Calendar: 4 7/8W x 11H, unfolded 22 1/2W x 8 1/2H"

Two page per year / Academic calendar on legal size paper, LANDSCAPE, OUTER MARGIN 3.00 inches. Try changing the starting month to get the months on the right for June - December.

(EDIT) Check your email, Cath !!
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ooo! I see what you did there!

And I just printed it out on A4 for my own Levenger book. Cool...

and here's proof: https://goo.gl/photos/YbWfStgttHZWKEJJ9

Yes, very cool


Thanks for the input and thanks for posting the pictures.


Thank you


Thanks so much!! I'll try to report back with a picture once I have a chance to print out both pages.

Happy New Year!


great response!

This is a great response, and I hope it works. I have seen these calendars, and the great thing about them is that they give you bigger space in the boxes but they still fit in a planner. I hope it works for her!

David Seah's one-page calendar

I almost forgot (actually, I did forget, but was looking at his site yesterday, and rediscovered them), but David Seah has, on his site, a unique one-page calendar. You can read about it, and download it here:


It's an A4 or US Letter size, and I doubt it would shrink well, but since we are on the subject of one-page calendars, I thought I'd throw it out there.

Use the spreadsheet versions

Both Excel and Numbers versions. That way, you can define the page size.
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quite a squeeze...

... to fit the calendar on an A5 or half-letter paper. That was the gist of my comment. :-)

It fits just fine

The print is a bit tiny, but no worse than the little last-month/next-month calendars on my Dynamics.
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Like this

Landscape A4
or this
Landscape Letter

I opened the Excel version with Open Office, set the page size to A4/Letter, orientation landscape, tinkered the margins a bit, then saved as PDF -- but then you can just print directly if you want
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Half would be better

I tried to reduce it in the past, was never satisfied with the results. If there was an easy way to cut it in half and rearrange the halfs in other ways (either on a separate page, or even side by side), it could be more useful.

Maybe I need an advanced course in Excel programming, been wanting to learn how to format these things on my own . . .


Maybe I'll look at it this afternoon. The only downside I can see is that the right-hand side, where you write everything, will likely be smaller--less space to write events, etc.

My attempts....

Here's what I came up with. I'm not very happy with the result... but here ya go:

2 Page yearly calendar-A5

1 Page yearly calendar-A5

Yeah, I could only get A5 to work, because I can't find a way in LibreOffice to produce a 1/2 Letter page. However, the differences aren't enough to prevent one from printing these on 1/2 Letter paper, or 2-up on US Letter.

Have fun. ;-)

Thanks, just one more thing :-)

Hey, thanks for that. I can see what you mean about the limitations. I tried to resize a bit with varying degrees of limited success.

So I was thinking of just one more thing: could you remove all or most extra space all around the calendar, particularly on the right side? That would make it easier to try to resize it.
I figure any further adjustments would require working with the excel file directly I guess.

Not sure what you mean...

The column of dates is the width it is. The problem is the size of the paper, even if the file didn't have that, you still have to fit it on the page, and once you do, there's tons of white space. I wonder, though, if I could just export the calendar. I don't know how that would work.

Alternately, you could try opening up the original pdf in a PDF editing program and crop it yourself. If you can't do that, I could do that, but I need to know if that is what you are looking at.

White space

I just mean the white space on the right side that is as big as the calendar itself. I do understand the calendar is intended to have a large white space on the right for notes, but that makes it difficult to fit the calendar into different paper sizes.

Hope this works...

I cropped the pdf of the A4, and exported. I have no idea how the crop works in other apps, and on Windows. But here's a link to it. Let me know if it works or not. If not, I'll just delete the link here.



Thanks, I guess that's the general idea, but the calendar is not divided in half as the previous one, so it is too long to resize.

I guess I envisioned a rectangular image that would occupy most of the page pretty much, whatever the size chosen, though it might work the way it is if it is half of the calendar at a time as before.

Thanks for trying. :-)

long and skinny

That's the problem with this thing, and trying to adjust it to different page sizes. It's not very practical for that. However, I have split that earlier pdf in two, and here are the two halves:

First six months
Second six months

edit: I did some experimenting in InDesign, and it seems they can both fit on one page, side-by-side, if you wished. Also, at least in InDesign, it seems i cut off a bit of the year at top. Also, I'm getting weird results when I open them again... I hope they work for you!

Kinda works now :-)

Thanks, I was able to print it to a 3x5 card, though I had to reduce to 80% before printing, using Adobe Reader. Too bad the margins cannot be manipulated for different paper sizes, so I knew the only way to make it works at all was if it was centered.
I am thinking to try it on Junior size paper also, but the margins are problematic, I will try the previous one that was flushed left for that later, and see how it works.

Side by side sounds like an intriguing idea, though it might end up rather small, the current one takes up most of the page at 80%.

Thanks again.


I forgot to mention that the side-by-side was on A5 paper. I wouldn't go any smaller. Oh, and it would probably work even better on 1/2 Letter, because the page is wider than A5, so you can make them a bit larger. :-)