For anyone interested in a clock timeline for their planner. I found Kent from Oz's FaceBook page for Spiraldex.

It looks like he's been trying to have it produced as a stamp.

One of his posters has a really good version with additional markings every 15 minutes. It looks like he has sent the file he put together other members there that PM'ed him with their email addresses.

I was able to take an MS screenshot (Snip It or Snag It?) which I saved and then and copy/pasted into a Word document. The best part about the screenshot is that I was able to shrink or enlarge it, although the numbers blurred when I enlarged it. The larger size works better for me with one per Classic / Junior / Half Page size.

Below are links to the Spiraldex FaceBook page and the dates of Ukyo Matsushita's more detailed versions:

Spiraldex, by Kent from Oz

Posting by Ukyo Matsushita on February 15, 2014
Personal size filofax with his version of the spiraldex

Posting by Ukyo Matsushita on February 11, 2014
His more detailed version of the Spiraldex

Etsy Listing – Kent from Oz’s Spiraldex on filofax page
No longer available, but he’s working on a stamp


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