Tap Tap, is this thing on? 2016 Planner?

Like most people here, I guess, I move from planner to planner, never being satisfied. So I've been using the Passion Planner academic calendar. Both my daughter and I seem to like it, she actually loves it. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the quality.

For work I've been keeping my personal separate and using the Bullet Journal with a Moleskine grid notebook. I decided to get a Levenger (one of my many detours) daily to replace my Bullet Journal since I want to keep better track of my work tasks this year. Besides the Levenger Outlet on eBay seems to have several daily journal size calendars regularly. Anyone else trying something different the second month of the year?


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Upsizing to letter/full/Exec from classic/half size/desk size

Hi Ken,

I finally figured out how to DIY a week on one page, classic size using Outlook but I am looking for a new job and my Agenda/Planner will now double as a notebook so I feel like I need a full size.

I had lucked upon a cheapie, $1.50, "Gregorian" which was approximately full sized but the weekly section was in the front and the monthly section was in the back so I returned that when I found an 8.5" x 11" "Plan Ahead" "See It Bigger" planner. The months double as index tabbed pages between the weekly pages.

It's designed for people far sighted people so the writing spaces are huge. I really love the abundance of white space with very little room wasted on the borders.

However, it is wire bound. I'm working up the nerve to remove the wire so I can use my Levenger Circa punch and put it in a disc bound notebook. That way I can try and use the "Tools for Wisdom" goal setting pages I downloaded for free and insert them throughout.

I'm open to suggestions on whether to simply trim holes off the pages or to use washi or scotch tape in order to maintain the width. If there were only a few pages the choice would be obvious but if my math is accurate I have at least 72 pages to punch. Not to mention that the tape adds bulk to the spine edge.

Good luck with your decision.


Cutting off wire binding

I unbound a wire diary year before last, to punch the pages for my Arc setup. I cut the wire holes off. The problem was I didn't have access to a good quality guillotine with a paper guide, (just the old fashioned ham fisted cut yer fingers off type) so the end result was misshapen wobbly pages that didn't punch very well and ended up falling out of the planner quite often.
The washi tape idea could work if you only inserted say 3 or 6 months into the planner at once?
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Wound up leaving the holes


I wound up leaving the holes and taping them over on one side with scotch tape. As you can imagine it wound up being incredibly time consuming and I'm already second guessing whether I should have stuck with the customized Outlook classic size I'd already printed out, punched and assembled through the end of the year.

Wire-bound to Disc-bound: Covering old holes

For many years I've been very pleased with using "paper tape" to cover old wire-bound holes, or even smurfs that are too short and need to be re-punched. I use the kind found in the First Aid section of my local drug store or office supply store. One source sells it for USD $0.65 per roll. Yep, that's less than one dollar.
If you prefer something officially acid-free and archival quality, order book repair paper tape from Brodart, Inc., a book repair and library supplier. Of course the price is higher.
if you get the 1" width it works very well for reinforcing smurfs. The tape is thin enough to read through if it should happen to overlap some text. Sometimes I apply it only to the backside.
The 1/2" size also works well, though I usually apply it to both sides. Stiffens things nicely without adding too much thickness.
Both of those uses are the length of the page. I also use this to creste horizontal "hinges" to hold together multi-page mock-ups of magazines I'm about to publish in paper form.
One note: look for the words "paper tape" on the package in order to avoid plastic or cloth imitations that are too thick or too opaque to be usable.
I also use this to reinforce bent corners on well-loved paperbacks where I don't need archival quality repairs.

Thanks for the inexpensive alternative (medical paper tape


I don't think I'll ever need archival quality, thanks for the inexpensive alternative to the Post It rolls of paper label tape.

I actually wound up using scotch tape, on one side only to save time and reduce thickness. The sticky part is exposed through the holes for the spiral wire but doesn't stick as much as you might think.

Back to rings

Hi Ken
I switched in the January sales ... Back to a brand spanking new 6 RING Kikki.K "large" Planner (which is A5).
I'm still using the Arc stuff as home planners, but so far, for portability and planning anywhere (particularly being able to punch and insert pages on the go) the new binder is working better than ever for me. I don't like the kikki.k calendar/diary part (or most of their inserts, TBH) as the pages are too thin for my Pilot V pen, so I'm still using a nice diary from PaperPocket with curved corners and thick juicy pages. In the Planner TIME section I am using Kikki.K Daily Weekly and Monthly pad sheets. I punch a set of pages for each week on a Sunday and insert them.
I had a look at Passion Planners but they didn't excite me.
My problem with the Arc discbound system was not being able to get a ring size from Arc between the small which was too small and the large which was impossible to write with when the planner laid flat. I was thinking about ordering 3rd party rings from E-bay or Amazon, but then I'd have to wait on the post. And of course I always want it NOW.
Plus the Teal Kikki.K binder was just sooooooo *pretty* with its gold rings.
The lure of the shiny, lol.
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Hi Luc, Did you get your

Hi Luc, Did you get your 'Arc stuff' in Oz or was it a private import? How does it fit in with A4/5 paper sizing? Bob.

A5 Arc

Hi Bob

I bought some of the A4 and A5 Arc in the UK and ordered some here from Staples dot com dot au. The A5 works great in all my planners, Arc and non-Arc. The UK sizing is the same as Australia, proper A4/A5 size and good heavy paper. Staples started shipping to WA some time in late 2014 - woo hoo!
Their Arc range for Australia is not as extensive as other countries, but it beats not being able to get it unless you go on holiday and overload your suitcase :).
Their little skinny task pads are very very good!

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Now that's just cruel...

We don't have Staples here in Poland, and checking out the UK site, they have some nice A5 leather and fabric covers... Sigh... I shouldn't have looked. ;-)

Has anyone tried the

Has anyone tried the Myndology.com discs? Myndology is the US version of a Belgium company named ATOMA. I've used Myndology notebooks before and the discs are pretty much interchangeable with Arc, Levenger, Staples discs.
One caution: if you buy their disc-bound NOTEBOOKS, be aware that the spacing, while still on 1" centers, is off-side from the standard US punching. 8.5" by 11" Myndology paper is punched for 10 rings, not 11, so you can't intermingle the two papers in one notebook using Myndology covers: one or the other page size will stick out the top or bottom of the notebook. If I remember correctly Myndology paper is also slightly wider than US paper.
Still, if such varyings don't bother you, Myndology might offer another source of play toys and punches and their prices are reasonable.
They offer a two-disc flipper that is great for keeping addresses or passwords or other info on hand. I punch business cards on the short end and keep them on an old Myndology flipper. Works really well!
Myndology seems to market to college bookstores but I understand Hobby Lobby and Target may now be carrying some Myndology items. Worth checking out.


Thanks Luc. Bob H.