Another planner geek here.

Hi! I was so happy to find this site... I have a lifelong addiction to office supplies, and planners in particular. In high school I carried a letter-size DayRunner with briefcase handles. Yes, I really am a geek. And a nerd. And quite possibly a dork, too. :)

I've spent tons of money over the years in the search for Just The Right Planner. Everything always winds up being too big to carry comfortably, or too small to write in comfortably, or the planner book is enormously thick because it's padded leather, or whatever.

This week I put together a Classic sized DIY planner in a regular 1" vinyl binder from Office Depot. For tabbed dividers I used card stock and sticky index tabs. So I got a new planner for less than twenty bucks, and I don't have to shell out five bucks per package of forms. I love being able to print exactly what I need.

Reading through this site, I've adopted the "Inbox" idea. I use regular half-size filler paper for it, rather than printing up Notes pages. The filler paper also works for my sporadic journalling, although I must confess that I'd like to find better-quality paper for that purpose.

I intend to use the Widget Kit to develop forms for knitters, as I know exactly what I'd need to keep track of yarns and measurements and project ideas. (I wrote myself a mySQL database, but I'm sans digital PDA and therefore can't take it with me. Forms would help. I'll also format my database front-end to have printable lists to stick in my planner.)

It's nice to meet you all. Already I've gotten tons of ideas from just reading forum posts, and you guys seem like a very cool group of fellow geeks... :)

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Hey there Caligatia! Glad you found us. It sounds like you will fit right in with the rest of us nerdy, dorky, geeks!

I might have to take up knitting just to try out your forms if you post them.

As to paper, have you tried Clairefontaine? I've recently developed a crush on their paper. I can write on it with my fountain pen and it doesn't bleed through, so I can actually write on both sides of the page. And it's smooth and delicious, especially if you are using a fountain pen, as the pen just glides over the paper.



Hi Sarah! Does Clairefontaine offer 5.5x8.5 ruled sheets? If so, what's a good source for them? I want paper that fits in my planner, because I don't want to lug around two different books... Thanks!

paper source

Try The Daily Planner for Clairefontaine. The notebooks come in all different sizes; wirebound, clothbound, lined, grid. I cut mine to the size I want in my planner and then punch them.


In the meantime...

Until I find the ideal Pretty Paper, I picked up a couple of packs of FranklinCovey plain lined sheets. The paper's thick enough that it's not going to fall apart anytime soon, and I can write on both sides.

I'll still use cheap college-ruled filler paper for my Inbox, though. That way I won't feel bad about scribbling all over the pages. :)

Clairefontaine loose pages ? I think not

My surfing found Clairefontaine only in bound form, like Moleskine.

If anyone found different, please let us all know.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Clairefontaine source

Try this link.


Papery Finds...

Quote Dan: "My surfing found Clairefontaine only in bound form, like Moleskine"...

Dan, I am looking at one of the packs I picked up in France and grinning. :D

Specs: Each pack, (I bought five) contains 200 sheets of top notch, multi-punched, A4 Clairefontaine paper @ 90gsm. The product code is N.1792 and I think I paid 6,50 EUR each. Obviously this is not important I am just taunting you with my papery find. ;)

Quote "Sarah: I've recently developed a crush on their paper"...

Sarah, I think I have developed a crush on you. ;)

Paper Romance

Talk about paper romance! =P

Welcome to DIYPlanner caligatia! You've found a haven for your paper addiction. =D

Sure, Sard

That's what they all say! You just like me for my planner! :D


Source in the US for unbound Clairefontaine ?

"TheDailyPlanner" appears to only offer bound notebooks and journals.

I was hoping for something I did not have to chop up.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

not sure...

But removing the staples from these pads would probably be pretty easy :o) StaplePads

my artwork

Google is My Friend...

...Unlike Flash Player who is devil spawn. :(

Okay, I will try to help put you out of your misery ;) Try: Cairefontaine USA All I get is my Flash Player needs updating although the French and UK sites look fine. However there is an address for a place in New York.

143 West 29th Street,
Suite 1000
NEW YORK, NY 10001
Tél : + 1 646 473 1754
+ 1 800 933 8595
Fax : + 1 646 473 1422

Also try a search for Clairefontaine 'Triomphe' Writing paper.

Sara, I am using Clairefontaine stapled cahiers for journalling. I plan to remove the staples and bind a years worth inno style. :)

Bookbinding 101

Bookbinding 102

Bookbinding Wrap Up

book binding :swoon:

I ::ADORE:: book making... it is a great art form that I believe is under appreciated. If you have a chance swing by my deviant art gallery... I posted a few of the books I made back in college.

We nicknamed "Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals & Albums" in school "The Book Bible" because of all the useful info in it.

I would love to see the results of your binding ♥

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Nice Work

Sara, I stopped by your corner of DA today. Nice work! I also noticed from your profile that we share the same state of residence. I especially liked your reference to "sammiches". I get that!


cheeseheads unite

Thank you :D

I was wondering if you ever ventured to a Levenger store... I think the nearest would be Chicago...

Where do you get most of your planner supplies?

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Not Many Choices

When we moved back to Wisconsin six years ago, we chose a smaller city (pop. ~50,000) than I had grown accustomed to in the past. There aren't many shopping choices, so if I want to actually hold planner supplies in my hand prior to purchasing them, it's usually a trip to Office Max. When I venture back to my hometown of Milwaukee, I always make a point of visiting the FranklinCovey store at Mayfair Mall. They have some great goodies, albeit expensive stuff. I've never been to a Levenger store, but would welcome the experience!


Cover Me...

Hi Sara

I love you work. I also read your journal entry dated January 12th. If I were you I would seriously consider a return to uni or at least find a better outlet for my talent than a photocopier. :)

Quote: "I would love to see the results of your binding ♥"

My first one, made with writing paper was truly awful. Let us hope substituting the stapled cahiers for signatures helps. :)


I used to work in a big office building doing sales audit and inventory control. then i was moved to the accounts payable department and did inventory control only... talk about torture for an artist soul = number crunching for eight hours a day.

working as a 'color graphics specialist' is much more 'up my alley' but still not my dream job. I get to do the occasional design job which is enough to keep me afloat. to be honest, i love my new job and it makes the lower pay worth it. after being unemployed for a year, i'm hesitant to rock the proverbial boat ... a bi weekly paycheck is heaven. and i have time to do my art again which is the best side effect :D

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"Classic" filler paper?

I've done the same thing you have, using a plain binder for my planner. (See my planner post if you want to learn a little more.) Where did you find half-size filler paper, and is it ruled? I've been looking for a cheap and easy replacement for "Notes" pages, too.

Do you procrastinate?

half-size filler paper


Staples carries half size filler paper--classic equivalent, I guess. Ruled and 3-hole punched. I tried the 3-hole vinyl binder for a planner too. I still have some of that paper, I think I bought it last year or the year before..



"Classic" Filler Paper

Mead makes thier standard loose-leaf filler paper in a half sheet size. You should be able to get it through any office supply store, or even Walmart/Target.

Mead #17202 - college ruled 5.5 x8.5" 120sh/pk

Buy and chop

For scratch writing paper, it is fine, but if you plan to do any printing, especially with an inkjet, you are better off buying good paper and either cutting it yourself or paying a few bucks to get it chopped in half for you.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I agree...

That's what I do myself. I like a nice bright white paper of decent weight and I can then use it for forms or leave it a virginal white if that's what I've got a hankerin for :-)

But my post was a response to someone who DID want plain old filler paper. Ask and ye shall receive...

If I had a cool quote, I'd put it here!

Papery Confusion...

Clairefontaine (The paper mill not the town) do make inkjet paper, although it is no better or worse than any other quality brand. The paper Sarah and I are referring to is the famous 90 gsm 'velin veloute'. A top notch paper vellum for writing on. Great for writing a letter or journalling, yet rather a waste just for rough notes in my opinion....

I got mine at Office Depot,

I got mine at Office Depot, in the school-supply section, next to the regular-size filler paper.

I love good paper as much as the next stationary nut, but for scribbling things I'll have to re-copy, organize, and/or type? Filler paper rocks. Then I don't feel like I'm wasting good paper on junk. :)