YouTube is full of planners.

So, though things are a bit slow here these days, YouTube seems to be exploding with planners, DIY, people doing walk throughs of all types of planners.

Any one here do a video of using their templates from here ?

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Nice idea

I might try it if I can get it past my procrastination
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Go For It, Ygor!

Great idea Ygor, hopefully you can get over the procrastination factor!
I'd love to see a video of planners from here.
I don't have time to video *anything*, lol.
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Ramping up to YT videos -- and blog

I'm planning YT videos. Mainly, I will be featuring my current organization system in Field Notes (R) brand notebooks.

I have a "Bye Bye Malibu, Hello Field Notes" blog post & YT video planned. I was using self-designed & self-printed 1/2 letter pages in my Malibu notebook. That blog post & YT video will probably show my last incarnation of monthly, weekly, & daily 1/2-letter pages.

Don't think I ever directly used any DIYPlanner pages for my 1/2 letter organizer or for the previous incarnation, which was a DIY hipster PDA that I printed on 4x6 index cards, although I did download LOTS of templates and forms from DIYplanner, and I certainly took inspiration from some pages & forms. I'll try to include a mention of in my upcoming blog post & YT video

Blog will be @ I have a few IG photos up: @olderandorganized

If there is interest, I will go into more depth (blog, YT videos) re my 1/2-letter & index card systems