The other day, I was in Walgreens waiting for a prescription, and so of course I spent the time in the school supply aisle doing "research". They had the Zwipes stuff, and I ended up getting a folder with the pen. The folder is nice, but the real find is the pen!

The Zwipes pen is cool because it combines all the tools into one instrument to let you do "dry erase" on just about any plastic surface. Under the cap on one end of the pen is a fine tipped black marker. Under the cap on the other end is a wedge that seems to dispense essentially rubbing alcohol. On the tops of the caps are "erasers", just dense foam I think.

So, you write on your plastic page or tab with the pen (any Sharpie works, too, so you can do colors!). Because the pens are permanent, they don't rub off like a real dry erase marker would. When you want to change what you wrote, you rub over it with the wedge end, then use the foam cap to erase. It really works, and you can write and erase over and over again. I have found that it doesn't leave any residue or smudge.

So, if you've been wishing you had a "dry erase" page in your planner, cut a plastic file folder to whatever size you want, use this pen and voila!

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Would you be able to do essentially the same thing with a wet-erase marker, an Aquadoodle pen, and a tissue?

I tested a wet-erase marker on some of the plastics I have around, and they all worked beautifully and didn't rub off. Even the frosted plastics erased cleanly with a wet paper towel and a dry one.

The Aquadoodle pen is just a water pen--the big ones stay wet for days or maybe a week, the smaller ones for a whole day, maybe two. Just a big felt tip pen that you fill with water. Haven't seen a cap for one, though. I also haven't tested to see what would happen when the tip contacts colored ink.

I grant you, this doesn't get you one do-it-all tool, but I happen to have all these items around already. :)


Zwipes Pen


I am tweaking my system and was thinking the 'do it all in one tool' would be a nice thing to try, especially with a fine point marker. So I checked out the Mead site. I already knew my local Staples doesn't have them anymore, so I was looking for the other retailers.

I called my local Walgreens, and not only do they carry the notebooks, they had a four-pack of the colored pens also. Red, blue, green, and black. So I picked a pack up to see what they'd do.

I was impressed at how quickly the Zwipes ink dries. It seems faster than some other inks on plastic. There seems to be a technique required to erase. I tried some largish areas first and had a little trouble with smearing. But if I erase a small area (like a line) with one smooth stroke of the black eraser, it works fine.

I tried this on three different materials--a sheet of laminating plastic (sold at the craft store in 3 sizes for a couple of bucks), a sheet of clear contact paper (sold in very long rolls), and a card laminated with clear packing tape. All three materials erased just fine, just as they do with a wet-erase marker.

I'm curious to see how the white solvent tip holds up over time with the build up of erased ink, but I experimented a little with 'cleaning' this tip by writing with it on an index card, and that seemed to remove some of the color.

The pens I bought have the 'foam' eraser on both the cap and the 'eraser' end of the pen (which is the cap for the solvent tip).


Zwipes at Big Lots

There is a Big Lots (formerly Odd Lots) store here in Grove City, Ohio (suburb of Columbus) that is selling Zwipes. I believe it was $2 for the folder with a pen. Problem with Big Lots - I think each store's stock is different. You may want to call if you're near one and interested.

Also, am I missing something? I didn't see any sheets to write on with Zwipes - just the folder.


Nope, you write on the

Nope, you write on the folder itself.

Re. Zwipes

I think I got a bum pen in the Zwipes notebook I bought last summer. I finally used it in late December only to find I couldn't erase the ink. I'll buy a multi-pen pack and try the plastic folder suggestion.

Nice. :)

I just picked up a Zwipes folder and notebook the other day, and am having much fun with them. The ink comes off completely and easily, and dries fast enough that I've not smeared it yet.

I wish they'd get rid of the so-called "privacy flap" on the front of the notebook. This thing is bulky enough with the attached pen, lumpy velcro only makes it worse. If I don't want to show something off, I'll write it on the inside of the notebook.

The "remover" side of the marker is already drying out.

If you get too much of the "remover" on the logo printed on the notebook, it starts to melt into an ugly, unremovable mess. Oddly enough, this doesn't happen with the printing on mead five-star notebook covers (yes, I checked... I was curious). I wonder why they don't use the same method of printing the logo on Zwipes.

anyone try dry erase?

Spotted this product (top one) : Link.

Has anyone tried dry erase type setups in their hPDA or daily planner?

I can't locate Zwipes anywhere... anyone know of other brands that are similar? or like overhead projector type options?

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Unless Pilot wants to make Mini-G2 Dry Erase Pens...

...I'd rather use Post-It's in my Hipster.

It might work for the larger planners where size of the writing utensil is not as critical.

Besides, dry erase boards are easily rubbed-off, so to make it work, you'd have to have a clear cover sheet to prevent unintentional erasure.
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I like the idea of reusing common lists...

Like circa punch one grocery list and then just fill it in and erase every week. My creative gears are grinding... maybe I'll come up with something...

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Zwipes vs dry erase

I guess the main reason I use Zwipes is pecause it does not accidentally wipe off, you have to use the special eraser tip or something like it to erase...

I use it mainly for my grocery list and my office supply list for at work...

Wet Erase


You could use wet-erase markers with a similar setup to the zwipes. You'd just have to keep a cup of water and a q-tip at hand for erasing.

The danger with a wet-erase marker is that the water will splash where you don't want it to. With the zwipes, the only part that erases is what you've rubbed with the alcohol tip. So if you use the rubber tip with an expansive motion, you won't accidentally remove something you didn't want to erase.

If you use a wet q-tip to moisten the line you want to erase, then follow up with a tissue or towel, there's a risk that your water will 'drag' into some place you didn't want to erase.

But you can try it and see if that is actually a hazard that matters to you.

I love the zwipes! I use it all day, every day, for my GTD project forms, temporary notes and doodles.. I only use a regular pen for my next actions and calendar (because I need to track those permanently).