grid paper for A5

So, I would like to have edge-to-edge A5 pages either punched for Rolla/Arc/Tul/Circa or a5 that I can punch. But here's the thing. I would like them in that nice, cream color one gets from Moleskine or Leuchtturm. Is this possible?

I've done some googling, but I fear my skills are drying up, or maybe my location is hindering... Anyone have any ideas? TIA

I suppose I should add that I want it edge-to-edge because it really works better for bullet journals.

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Cream A5 Paper

Cream A5 paper is pretty scarce though I have seen it around. A5 (any colour) also costs in the same ballpark or even more than A4 paper even though there is half the amount of paper believe it or not.

Your best bet then is to get a ream of A4 paper and have it professionally guillotined to A5. As for a specific Moleskine like cream, probably not, but you should be able to get a cream or buff colour as manufactured by your paper supplier. Note that there could be some colour variation between reams and also between manufacturers.

As for the grid, set up a 5mm square grid in Excel or equivalent and print that on the A5 sheets. Edge to edge though might be limited depending upon how your printer handles borders. I am sure there are the more tech savvy in here who may have suggestions for that though. Hope this helps.

Bob H.

Do It Yourself !

Print grid on A4 paper to the maximum print area your printer can handle, cut the sheets in half, and then use the cut edge as the outside.
That gets you grid up to one edge. Would that be sufficient ?
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printing myself

I tried that. I'm also technically savvy--at least on the Mac, but I'm now on Windows, and I can't figure out how to print A4, it seems... It is like every time I try to print, despite choosing A4, the bottom margin is always huge--like it's printed onto US Letter, and every time I change settings in the system or in the app, everything keeps defaulting back to US Letter, despite what I set. It's been a frustrating week, trying to print. I like several features in Windows 10, and I love my Surface, but typography and graphic design are just horrible, it seems, on Windows 10. It's frustrating. That's why I thought I'd try finding something, but not even Levenger has anything like what I'm looking for--with dots, yeah, just fine, but not with graph paper grids...

Right now, I've started preparing a Leuchtturm journal for next year--not my preferred (due to lack of rings), but it would pain me to cut up that book to punch it. :-) I had hopes...

I posted about the RhodiaR

I posted about the RhodiaR which has cream A5 paper, but they don't have grid.

You might want to install Open Office in your Windows machine.

Otherwise, I think that going to a printer, to get cream paper and, have them make the edge to edge grid, seems to be the best solution.

I don't know where you are, but try to find an independent printer.

Trying various stuff

I was at my local shop yesterday, looking at Rhodia and Clairefontaine. Nothing seemed to fit at the right price. I'm willing to go with white, but if I do that, I think I prefer using a local brand, called Oxford. They use 90gram paper, which is thicker even than Leuchtturm. The only down side is that they seem to only come hardbound. :-(

As to the printing situation. I have played some more, and it turns out it's the printer, not Word or anything else. Or rather, I should say maybe the printer driver. No matter what I do, I can't get the thing to hold onto the A4 size. It always reverts back to the US Letter for these documents. Other documents are fine, but not this one. I think there's some weird glitch with the documents I downloaded from here. I need to keep playing with this, as I don't need it to be a long-term problem, but they printed fine on my inkjet. Go figure.

And reading your post reminded me that I forgot to look for cream paper while at my store yesterday! Ashamed of myself. ;-)

I like you idea about the printer... I need to do some looking. Paper--good quality--has always been an issue here in Krakow.

I sent you an Open Office Draw document

Install Open Office and try it out
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Thanks--so embarrassed!

Thanks, ygor! It may actually be useable!

However, I'm quite embarrassed... and guess why... At some point, I remembered your dynamic templates, opened them up, and was able to create a page--not edge-to-edge, but with enough rows and columns to do what I needed for a bullet journal. I also got brilliant, and put the title of the page in the middle reads literally "Date/Title", with room on both sides for writing the date or title of the page, always on the outside margin. Your app saved the day. :-) I still have yet to find nice, cream-colored paper, but for now, decent printing paper works. But I do have a use for this template, and can't wait to print it out and try it. Thanks again!