Midori/Travellers Notebook

Does anybody else use midori or travllers notebook?
I have always used a personal sized filofax, but lately have been getting frustrated at the bulk of it.
So I found a midori notebook online a ordered one, now just waiting for it to arrive, can't wait.
I have been cruizing around on websites, blogs and videos regarding this system.
Have found some really great sites for templates.

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my wife does

My wife uses a Midori, combined with Moleskine, in a traveler's notebook "thing." My personal impression is that it's very fat. It's tall and skinny, and fits in her purse, and she carries it everywhere, but to my way of thinking, this system bulks up fast. I think it's closer to 2" than 1" thick now. Although, with the new year, it may be thin again. :-) She bullet journals with it, and has loads of stuff--washi tape, markers, and who-knows-what in there. :-)

But she's happy with it. And that's all that matters.

This year, I'm going hybrid myself. For my "daily" life, I'm using a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, and my Circa/arc/Tul/Rollabind A5 for projects/sermon series and perennial things--long-term and non-date-bound things, but linked and indexed to my Leuchtturm.

You may want to check the

You may want to check the Etsy shop PetalsDesignAU (Instagram thedoodledori)for handmade leather covers for TN. Bob H.

I just ordered one

I just ordered one. I've been wanting to try one for awhile, and Patrick Ng has a nifty chronodex calendar system that he made for the larger size.


The problem with the Midori, IMHO, is the cost.
If you try to DIY, the next problem is, for folks like me in the US, non-standard paper size.
So, I took DIY to another level.
I made my own “Faux-dori”, for a fraction of the cost of a Midori.

Stay tuned.
Details to follow.
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Ygor is right

I also made a faux-dori, but in Field Notes size. I did buy the Traveler before doing that, but gave it up due to the non-standard paper size (and the expense of refills). I tried making my own refills, but it was fiddly and wasted a lot of paper.