Pete L. Wants to Join

Dear Friends: A longtime lurker Pete L. would like to join and participate. His email is There is a button for login, but apparently none for register. Help, anyone?

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I believe the "My Account" option over there on the right side of the page gives an opportunity to create an account. It's been so long since I joined I've forgotten.

An ADD pastor in search of structure....but enjoying a certain level of chaos!


Unfortunately, due to the ancient version of the CMS system on which this site runs (Drupal?), it is an easy prey for spammers. And the only way to truly prevent them was to turn off the ability to create an account.

However, ygor can create new accounts. But you do need to send him a private message here on the site. (find some place he posted, and click on his name that should be a link)

I made it!

Thanks @Steve_geo1 for all the help.

Turns out there is no way to contact ygor (or anyone else) if you're not logged in already - hence no way to pm a site user either. This took some digging and kind help. Thanks all!