Indecisive between Personal & A5

I am stuck in the middle. I have used Filofax Personal for 19 years (literally half of my life). I no longer always carry it with me, though - thanks to my phone keeping track of urgent stuff and reminders. (A relief to my shoulders, really.) This year I have actually started using it more again.

The thing is, I realised that in the current situation it would be handy to combine it with my diary which prefer in A5, so that I would write more in my diary. Also A5 is much easier in terms of printing my pages. It means only 1cut/2pages, compared to personal needing 5cuts/2pages. (A5 is not sold around here, so I buy the ordinary A4.) Also in A5 it is easy to add papers gotten elsewhere (like official asthma tracking in the health section).

I was already planning the switch to A5, which requires me doing a couple of my own pages, when I noticed a certain reluctancy. I realised I still prefer the personal size in a calendar and planning. Sitting on the table.

So now I'm stuck. Any thoughts that might help me out?

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Ask yourself which system could make you the most effective/efficient/productive and so on. Bob H.

How about both

I have tended to bounce between sizes, one that is easy to carry, another that is easier to print, it is an interesting dilemma.

If I were you I would duplicate all my forms in both sizes, create two planers, then see which one I end up reaching for most often over time.
This is what I have done in the past to help me settle that issue. I did end up using both for a couple of years before I got tired of carrying the bigger one from lack of use.

As far as size comparisons, maybe this site might help a bit: