Hello ? Is this thing on ?

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4 ... 5.. 6 ... Yep working.

4 ... 5.. 6 ...
Yep working. A couple of days ago I noticed the site was timing out, but all seems to be well now.

Houston I hear you!

I came back a few times and the site was down and out. It even listed as gone on "isitdownorme.com" I was nervous but hadn't made it back till now.

Glad to see it up. Thank you.

loading or not loading ...

Right now it is (22 March 2018). Last week it wasn't ... Patchy. Each time it doesn't load I hold my breath and feel sad that DIYP may have sunk ...
And then it gasps, like a blow fish tossed aside on the jetty by a thoughtless angler ..
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

I think so...

I still drive by DIYP from time to time. Seems the same on the outside, but the inside looks deserted... :(