Pocketmod reboot

Just saw this on the PocketMod web site:


Looks like DIYPlanner isn't alone in needing to update and revamp. :-)


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That's interesting - I've never even heard of PocketMod!

Give it a whirl!

It's a fun little tool, and makes a good pocket addendum to whatever system you use.

Its from about the time this

Its from about the time this site was started.

PocketMods for college-bound kid

I started thinking again about these PocketMods and it strikes me there should be some handy reference things I could put together for a college-bound kid of my acquaintance. Maybe some laundry and housekeeping tricks; simple snack ideas/recipes and shopping list. I'd welcome other ideas!


I contributed to the campaign, and he's asking for template ideas. If you have any, drop them here, and I'll forward them to the pocketmod guy for consideration!